Night storage heaters

Night storage heaters use half price electricity to charge up heaters at night and store the heat until you’re ready to use it the following day.

How to operate your night storage heater

There are two dials on the top of your storage heater:

  • Input (charging up the heaters)
  • Output (releasing the stored heat)
Time Action Dial Settings
Input Output
Bedtime Charge up the heaters for the next day 6 1
Morning Warm the room 6 5
Lunchtime Turn the heaters down to save some heat for later 6 3 / 2
Afternoon Turn the heat up a bit up as it starts to get colder 6 4
Evening Use up the rest of the stored heat 6 6

How much does one night storage heater cost to run?

Based on a pay as you go off-peak standard tariff at 0.11 kwh

Per hour Per day Per week Per month
27p £1.89 £13.23 52.92
Last updated on 10/02/2020