Potential charges when leaving your property

When clearing your property, please be aware of the following. Failure to complete will result in a charge. Please note these charges are subject to change.

DescriptionCostAdditional information
Renew standard door£88.91 – £103.08Dependent on type of door
Renew fire door£229.51 – £485.63Dependent on type of door
Remove old door£11.20
Renew light fitting£17.30
Clear rubbish/cut garden£20.25Hourly rate
Removal of DIY fixtures£8.20
Removal of ceramic floor tiles£17.59
Renewal/repair of drawers/drawer fronts£32.91
Removal of external lights£15.48
Removal of vinyl/laminate flooring£3.08Per square metre
Carpets£2.54Per square metre
Damaged fencing£17.00Per square metre of repair
Damaged bath panels£50.17
General cleaning of property£255.00Minimum cost, depending on property size
Wash down walls/ceilings£1.16Per square metre
Silicone around windows£6.76Per square metre
Cracked or damaged window units£137.56
Removal of satellite dish£27.31
Disconnect and remove gas fittings£49.20
Damaged architrave£7.1975mm x 25mm
Remove locks and keeps and make good£27.00 – £55.99Depending on lock type