Utility disconnections

If you don’t pay a utility bill within 28 days from the date of the bill, you risk getting disconnected. Some suppliers may start to take action earlier.

Your fuel supplier cannot cut you off without sending you a disconnection notice first.

If you can’t pay your bill, contact your supplier straight away. You should be offered an arrangement to pay off the arrears at a rate you can afford. If you can’t afford to pay off the arrears in this way and you want to keep your gas or electricity supply, you may have to accept the instalment of a prepayment meter.

A prepayment meter will allow you to pay a fixed amount off your arrears at the same time as paying for the fuel you’re currently using.

If you do get a disconnection notice, you should contact Consumer Direct on 0845 4040506.

Some groups of people may have extra protection from being disconnected. Customers who:

  • are of pensionable age
  • have long-term ill health
  • are disabled
  • have severe financial problems

Tell your fuel supplier if you fall into one of these groups.

Last updated on 26/11/2019