Huntley & Palmers Audio Trail: Market Place and London Street

Artists Aundre Goddard and Richard Bentley’s audio trail takes you on an imaginative journey through time and the world of biscuits.

‘No Ifs, No Buts, Only Gingernuts: A Huntley & Palmers Journey’ by Aundre Goddard and Richard Bentley
Start: Queen Victoria statue, Town Hall Square
Quaker Meeting House, Church Street
25 minutes
This route is accessible. Please be mindful of road crossings.

Using headphones via your personal device, start the audio at the Queen Victoria statue and let local artist Aundre Goddard guide you. If you don’t have the soundcloud app click on Listen in browser. The map below gives an overview of the stops along the accessible route.

Alternative formats: transcript of audio trail

Decorative map of route
Credit: Rachel Mayes

Huntley and Palmers map download

Artists Aundre Goddard and Richard Bentley’s audio trail brings to life the sounds and story of Huntley & Palmers, one of Britain’s most famous biscuit companies, whose first shop opened on London Street in 1822.

Inspired by women workers and tour guides, listen to the stories of those who gave this world-famous biscuit factory its sense of family. Learn about the people, its history and processes that went into creating and distributing biscuits worldwide, to make Huntley & Palmers of Reading’s London Street a global powerhouse. Find out more about Biscuit Town, celebrating 200 years of Huntley & Palmers.

Richard Bentley and Aundre Goddard standing with headphones on


Actors: Jamie Holbrook, Charlotte ‘Pixie’ Nash, Oliver Edwards, Charlotte Turton and Toby Childs. Sound and music: Sam Proctor (Lismore Mastering), Nino Auricchio.

Recorded on location at Readipop Studios.

With thanks to Terry Dixon, Peggy Fueggle, Shirley Wilcox and Brendan Carr.

Partners: Reading Borough Council, Reading High Street Heritage Action Zone, Historic England, Sound UK, Readipop, Berserk Productions

Last updated on 24/03/2023