CD10 – Local planning authority

CD10.1 Appeal Questionnaire 21-1-22

CD10.2 Statement of Case, dated 18th February 2021

CD10.2.1 Statement of Case Appendix A – Committee Report 15 February 2022

CD10.2.2 Statement of Case Appendix B – Committee Update Report 15 February 2022

CD10.2.3 Statement of Case Appendix C – Reading Tall Buildings Strategy

CD10.2.4 Statement of Case Appendix D – Tall Buildings Strategy 2018 Update Note

CD10.2.5 Statement of Case Appendix E – Extract from AMR 20-21 showing detailed 5 year housing land supply

CD10.2.6 Statement of Case Appendix F – Extract from AMR 20-21 showing detailed housing trajectory

CD10.2.7 Statement of Case Appendix G – Permissions since 1 April 2021

CD10.2.8 Statement of Case Appendix H – BPS Viability Report

CD10.2.9 Statement of Case Appendix I – BPS email 17 Feb 22

CD10.2.10 Statement of Case Appendix J – Design and Townscape Statement of Case

CD10.2.11 Statement of Case Appendix K – Heritage Statement of Case

CD10.2.12 Statement of Case Appendix L – Natural Environment Statement of Case

CD10.2.13 Statement of Case Appendix M – Open Space Statement of Case

CD10.2.14 Statement of Case Appendix N – Thames Safe Access Guidance Statement (Aug 2016)

CD10.2.15 Statement of Case Appendix O – Reading Heat Network_Briefing Pack

CD10.3 Design and Townscape Proof of Evidence – Michael Doyle, 31-3-22

CD10.3.1 Design and Townscape Proof of Evidence Appendices A,B,E,F and G – Michael Doyle, 31-3-22

CD10.3.2 Design and Townscape Proof of Evidence Appendix C – A4 Figures – Michael Doyle, 31-3-22

CD10.3.3 Design and Townscape Proof of Evidence Appendix D Large Format Figures A3 – Michael Doyle, 31-3-22

Cd10.4 Proof of Evidence on Daylight and Sunlight – Dr. Paul Littlefair, 1-4-22

CD10.5 Summary of Proof of Evidence on Daylight and Sunlight – Dr. Paul Littlefair, 1-4-22

CD10.6 Energy and Sustainability Proof of Evidence – Timothy Crawshaw, 1-4-22

CD10.7 Landscape, Trees and Green Network (RfR9) Proof of Evidence – Sarah Hanson, 1-4-22

CD10.8 Heritage Proof of Evidence – Nick Bridgland, dated 16-3-22, 1-4-22

CD10.8.1 Appendix 1 of Heritage Proof of Evidence – R (on the application of James Hall and Co Ltd) v City of Bradford MDC – Nick Bridgland – 1-4-22

CD10.8.2 Appendix 2 of Heritage Proof of Evidence – Heritage Impact Assessment – Nick Bridgland, Lichfields, dated 16-3-22, 1-4-22

CD10.8.2.1 Appendix 1 of the Heritage Impact Assessment (Appendix 2 of the Heritage Proof of Evidence) – Zone of Theoretical Visibility (Z T V ) 01 -with Heritage Assets, 1-4-22

CD10.9 Open Space Proof of Evidence – Carolyn Jenkins, 1-4-22

CD10.10 Appeal Notification Letter, 1-4-22

CD10.11 BRE review of March 2022 Revision of Wind Microclimate Reports dated 4th April 2022, rec 5-4-22

CD10.12 Planning Proof of Evidence – Steve Jupp, 1-4-22

CD10.13 CIL Compliance Statement – Vastern Court – 12-4-22

CD10.13.1 Appendix 1 – Infrastructure Funding Statement 2020-21

CD10.13.2 Appendix 2-Infrastructure Delivery Plan from Local Plan Nov 2019

CD10.14 Design and Townscape Rebuttal Proof – Michael Doyle, 14-4-22

CD10.15 Daylight & Sunlight Rebuttal Proof – Dr. Paul Littlefair, 14-4-22

CD10.16 Heritage Rebuttal Proof – Nick Bridgland, 14-4-22

Last updated on 21/04/2022