CD7 – Policy, guidance and correspondence

CD7.1 Reading Station Area Framework SPD (Adopted December 2010)

CD7.2 Reading 2020 Partnership Sustainable Community Strategy 2010-11

CD7.3 Reading Borough Council Affordable Housing SPD (March 2021)

CD7.4 Reading Borough Council Employment, Skills and Training SPD (April 2013)

CD7.5 Reading Borough Council Revised Parking Standards and Design SPD (October 2011)

CD7.6 Reading Borough Council Planning Obligations Under S106 SPD (April 2015)

CD7.7 Reading Borough Council Sustainable Design and Construction SPD (December 2019)

CD7.8 Tree-Strategy-March-2021

CD7.9 Reading Biodiversity Action Plan (March 2021)

CD7.10 Reading Borough Council Open Space Strategy (2007)

CD7.11 Reading Borough Council Open Space Update Note (2018)

CD7.13 Reading Borough Council Local Cycling and Walking Improvement Plan 2020-2030 (LCWIP) (November 2019)

CD7.15 Reading Borough Council Interim Parking Policy Jan 2011 Local Transport Plan 2011-2026

CD7.16 The Reading Climate Change Partnership’s (RCCP) Reading Climate Emergency Strategy 2020-25 (November 2020)

CD7.17 National Design Guide (2021)

CD7.18 National Model Design Code Part 1 The Coding Process;

CD7.18 National Model Design Code Part 2 – Design Guidance

CD7.19 Berkshire (including South Bucks) Strategic Housing Market Assessment Final Report February 2016 by GL Hearn

CD7.20 BRE Site Layout Planning for Daylight and Sunlight – A Guide to Good Practice, 2nd Edition (2011)

CD7.21 DCLG Technical Housing Standards – Nationally Described Space Standard (2015)

CD7.22 Historic England, Managing Significance in Decision-Taking in the Historic Environment, Historic Environment Good Practice Advice in Planning 2 (GPA2) 2015

CD7.23 Historic England, Local Heritage Listing – Identifying and Conserving Local Heritage, Historic England Advice Note 7 (Second Edition) (HEAN7) 2021

CD7.24 Historic England, Tall Buildings – Historic England Advice Note 4 (HEAN4) 2022

CD7.25 Natural Environment and Rural Communities (NERC) Act 2006

CD7.26 Local Transport Note 1-20 Cycle Infrastructure Design dated July 2020 (Department for Transport)

CD7.27 Manual for Streets 2007 (Department for Transport)

CD7.28 CD 195 – Designing for Cycle Traffic (Standards for Highways Version 1.0.1 2021)

CD7.29 Reading Borough Council Local Cycling and Walking Improvement Plan 2020-2030 (LCWIP) (November 2019)

CD7.30 Reading Borough Council Local Transport Plan 3 – Strategy 2011-2026 (2011)

CD7.31 Inclusive Mobility (Department for Transport) 2005

CD7.32 Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment Third Edition (GLVIA3) Landscape Institute and Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment 2013

CD7.33 British Standard 5837 – 2012 Tree in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction – BS Standards Publication

CD7.34 Review of Daylight and Sunlight dated 13-1-22 ref- P122222-1000 Issue 1 by BRE, received 13-1-22

CD7.35 BRE Review of Wind Assessment dated and rec 31-1-22

CD7.36 National Planning Policy Framework 2021

CD7.37 National Planning Practice Guidance (NPPG) – Build to Rent; CIL Guidance; Climate Change; Design Process and Tools; Effective use of Land; Historic Environment; Healthy and Safe Communities; Housing Supply and Delivery; Natural Environment; Open Space, Sports and Recreation Facilities, Public Rights of Way and Local Green Space; Planning Obligations; Renewable and Low Carbon Energy; Use of Planning Conditions.

CD7.38 Tree Preservation order 3-06 Plan

CD7.38 Tree Preservation order 3-06 relating to Vastern Court

CD7.40 Natural Environment Officer comments on the Pre-application ref 190513 dated 28-8-19 (saved to file 3-3-22)

CD7.41 Pre-application response sent by LPA to Applicant 6-12-19 (saved to file 3-3-22)

CD7.42 Historic England, The Setting of Heritage Assets, Historic Environment Good Practice Advice in Planning 3 (GPA3) 2017

CD7.43 Market-Place-London-St Reading Borough Council, Market Place – London Street Conservation Area Appraisal, 2007

CD7.44 Reading Tall Building Strategy 2008 by Entec

CD7.45 Reading Tall Buildings Strategy Update Note March 2018 by RBC

CD7.46 Reading City Centre Framework by Entec 2008

CD7.47 Extract of RBC’s Annual Monitoring Report 2020-21 Dec 2021 – Housing Land Supply

CD7.48 Extract of RBC’s Annual Monitoring Report 2020-21 Dec 2021 – Housing Trajectory

CD7.49 Additional Sites in Housing Supply Since April 1st 2021 RBC

CD7.50 Individual Viability Review, by BPS dated 10-2-22 rec 17-2-22 by BPS

CD7.51 Email from BPS to LPA rec 17-2-22

CD7.52 Reading Town Centre Heat Network Feasibility Study dated 14-12-21 by AECOM rec 18-2-22

CD7.53 The Determination of the Wind Environment of a Building Complex Before Construction, by T.V.Lawson (1990) – (known as Lawson Criteria)

CD7.54 Guidance for Outdoor Sport and Play – Beyond the Six Acre Standard by Fields in Trust (Nov, 2020)

CD7.55 Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule January 2015

CD7.56 Historic England, Statements of Heritage Significance – Analysing Significance in Heritage Assets, Historic England Advice Note 12 (HEAN12) 2019.

CD7.57 Committee Report 80 Caversham Road March 2022

CD7.58 Committee Report for 55 Vastern Road 200188-FUL 31st March 2021

Last updated on 05/07/2022