CD4 – The development plan

CD4.1 Reading Borough Local Plan, Adopted November 2019

CD4.2 Policy CC1- Presumption in Favour of Sustainable Development

CD4.3 Policy CC2- Sustainable Design and Construction

CD4.4 Policy CC3- Adaptation to Climate Change

CD4.5 Policy CC4 – Decentralised Energy

CD4.6 Policy CC5 – Waste Minimisation and Storage

CD4.7 Policy CC6 – Accessibility and the Intensity of Development

CD4.8 Policy CC7 – Design and the Public Realm

CD4.9 Policy CC8 – Safeguarding Amenity

CD4.10 Policy CC9 – Securing Infrastructure

CD 4.11 Policy EN1 – Protection and Enhancement of the Historic Environment

CD4.12 Policy EN2 – Areas of Archaeological Significance

CD4.13 Policy EN3 – Enhancement of Conservation Areas

CD4.14 Policy EN4 – Locally Important Heritage Assets

CD4.15 Policy EN5 – Protection of Significant Views with Heritage Interest

CD4.16 Policy EN6 – New Development in a Historic Context

CD4.17 Policy EN7 – Local Green Space and Public Open Space

CD4.18 Policy EN9 – Provision of Open Space

CD4.19 Policy EN10 – Access to Open Space

CD4.20 Policy EN12 – Biodiversity and the Green Network

CD4.21 Policy EN13 – Major Landscape Features and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

CD4.22 Policy EN14 – Trees, Hedges and Woodland

CD4.23 Policy EN15 – Air Quality

CD4.24 Policy EN16 – Pollution and Water Resources

CD4.25 Policy EN17 – Noise Generating Equipment

CD4.26 Policy EN18 – Flooding and Drainage

CD4.27 Policy EM1 – Provision of Employment

CD4.28 Policy EM2 – Location of New Employment Development

CD4.29 Policy EM3 – Loss of Employment Land

CD4.30 Policy EM4 – Maintaining a Variety of Premises

CD4.31 Policy H1 – Provision of Housing

CD4.32 Policy H2 – Density and Mix

CD4.33 Policy H3 – Affordable Housing

CD4.34 Policy H4 – Build to Rent Schemes

CD4.35 Policy H5 – Standards for New Housing

CD4.36 Policy H10 – Private and Communal Outdoor Space

CD4.37 Policy TR1 – Achieving the Transport Strategy

CD4.38 Policy TR2 – Major Transport Projects

CD4.39 Policy TR3 – Access, Traffic and Highway-Related Matters

CD4.40 Policy TR4 – Cycle Routes and Facilities

CD4.41 Policy TR5 – Car and Cycle Parking and Electric Vehicle Charging

CD4.42 Policy RL2 – Scale and Location of Retail, Leisure and Culture Development

CD4.43 Policy RL5 – Impact of Main Town Centre Uses

CD4.44 Policy OU1 – New and Existing Community Facilities

CD4.45 Policy OU5 – Shopfronts and Cash Machines

CD4.46 Policy CR1 – Definition of Central Reading

CD4.47 Policy CR2 – Design in Central Reading

CD4.48 Policy CR3 – Public Realm in Central Reading

CD4.49 Policy CR4 – Leisure, Culture and Tourism in Central Reading

CD4.50 Policy CR5 – Drinking Establishments in Central Reading

CD4.51 Policy CR6 – Living in Central Reading

CD4.52 Policy CR7 – Primary Frontages in Central Reading

CD4.53 Policy CR8 – Small Shop Units in Central Reading

CD4.54 Policy CR9 – Terraced Housing in Central Reading

CD4.55 Policy CR10 – Tall Buildings

CD4.56 Policy CR11 – Station – River Major Opportunity Area

CD4.57 Reading Borough Local Plan Proposal Map November 2019 – Overview & Key

CD4.57 Reading Borough Local Plan Proposal Map November 2019 – Maps H-K (Central)

Last updated on 13/04/2022