Infrastructure (Local Plan Partial Update)

External photograph of Reading Green Park station, with bus stop in foreground.

It is vital that the necessary infrastructure is provided to accommodate planned growth within Reading to 2041.  Infrastructure is a key part of building a strong, responsive and competitive local economy. It also makes Reading a better place to live by ensuring that residents have access to schools, doctors’ surgeries, recreation space, public transport and more. Delivering the right infrastructure at the right time is therefore essential to the success of the plan.  We will need to use financial contributions from developers as well as funding from other sources to achieve this.

The Partial Update identifies a need for infrastructure related to transport, open space, biodiversity, education, digital connectivity, employment and skills, childcare, energy, healthcare, community safety, leisure, culture, public realm, air quality, and climate change mitigation.  There is a full list in the draft Infrastructure Delivery Plan, summarised in the consultation document, but this is still a work in progress.

As part of this process, the Council is working with a number of internal and external partners to identify key strategic pieces of infrastructure that will be needed up to 2041. The plan aims to identify:

  • What schemes are required and where?
  • When will they be needed?
  • Who is responsible for providing the scheme?
  • How will it be funded?

Draft version of the full Infrastructure Delivery Plan

Last updated on 05/06/2024