Corporate Plan Appendix – key measures and projects

Major projects and initiatives

This appendix provides an overview of the key performance measures and projects that will make a significant contribution to driving the change we want to see in Reading through our three themes: Healthy Environment, Thriving Communities, and Inclusive Economy.

This includes the major initiatives that are driving the transformation of our foundations and day-to-day service delivery.

These are the measures and projects that we will monitor and report on to track our progress against our goals.

This list of projects does not cover every activity the Council undertakes – there will be many smaller projects, change initiatives and day-to-day activities that are important to residents and vital for our town. These are also measured and tracked; however, these are not all included here so that we can keep the focus on the major change projects that will make the biggest difference.

The baseline is the same as published in the original three-year plan, published in March 2022, and results for 22/23 have been included. Some targets for 23/24 and 24/25 have been revised.

Performance against the measures and projects listed is reported to the Council’s Policy Committee quarterly. Performance for 23/24 is not available at the time of publishing.

Healthy Environment
Thriving Communities
Inclusive Economy
COVID Response and Recovery

Key measures – healthy environment

MeasureBaselineResult 22/23Target 23/24Target 24/25
Percentage of food waste recycled (as percentage of total household waste)13%13% (Q4)13%14%
Percentage of total household waste recycled50%49%50%51%
Active travel trips to/from the town centre (mode share)35%35%36%37%
Public transport trips to/from the town centre (mode share)34%41%40%41%
Car trips to/from the town centre (mode share)30%25%24%22%
Percentage of residential roads in ‘good condition’ (not requiring further investigation or work)35%77%80%80%
Percentage of actionable potholes repaired within 28 days99%99%99%99%
Total number of trees on Council owned land13,72514,86615,16615,466
Percentage of fly-tipping incidents investigated resulting in a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) or prosecution26%25%26%26%
Carbon footprint (Reading) – total carbon emissions (kilotonnes CO2)493 (2019)480 (2021)394345
Carbon footprint (Reading Borough Council) – total carbon emissions (kilotonnes CO2)19.8 (2008)
Air quality (micrograms per meter cubed of nitrogen dioxide μg/m3)35323332

Key projects – healthy environment


Responding to the climate emergency


  • Implement the Climate Emergency Strategy, including delivering over 150 actions to mitigate and adapt to climate change
  • Retain our position on the ‘A’ list’ for bold leadership on climate change following an assessment by the Carbon Disclosure Project

Fleet de-carbonisation


  • Deliver the next phase of our fleet electrification and decarbonisation programme and publish our Electric Vehicle Strategy

Local Transport Plan


  • Implement the Local Transport Plan

Place improvement projects (roads, parks, community facilities and heritage assets)


  • Allocate £1.6m of Community Infrastructure Funds and commence the approved schemes
  • Deliver £8m of investment in resurfacing roads and pavements
  • Decarbonise the Hexagon theatre through improved heating and lighting
  • Deliver the Capital Education Property Development Programme

Improving recycling


  • Commence delivery of the Simpler Recycling Programme for residents to improve borough recycling performance.

Key measures – thriving communities

MeasureBaselineResult 22/23Target 23/24Target 24/25
Number of people sleeping rough22361510
Percentage of children in care living more than 20 miles from Reading30%26%26%25%
Number of first-time entrants to Youth Justice System per 100,000 aged 10-17New measure193190190
Percentage of children looked after with 3 or more placements during the yearNew measure8%9%9%
Percentage of older People (65+) who were still at home 91 days after discharge from hospital into reablement78%85% (Mar-23)85%87%
Percentage of new contacts to the Advice & Wellbeing hub resulting in a successful outcome not requiring an ongoing service78%95% (Mar-23)82%85%
Percentage of service users supported to live independently in the community74%75% (Mar-23)76%78%
Number of NHS Health Checks delivered to residents (per quarter)150597 (quarterly average in 22/23)800800
Percentage of residents who select “the level of crime” as a top three priority for the Council to address, in conjunction with the Community Safety Partnership and Thames Valley Police26%25%24%23%
Percentage of Residents who consider Reading to be “a safe place to live” (based on the annual Community Safety Partnership Survey)New measureSurvey took place for first time in May 2344% (May 23 actual)48%

Key projects – thriving communities


Housing Strategy 2020-25 and housing initiatives


  • Continue delivery of the new Council homes programme
  • Deliver zero carbon initiatives within Council homes – including using passivhaus principles to design new homes, retrofit energy efficiency measures and develop more low carbon energy sources for existing RBC Housing

Reading Community Safety Plan


  • Year 1 delivery of the Community Safety Actions through the delivery groups as set out in the Plan

Homelessness accommodation


  • Set up a dynamic purchasing system to system to enable us to procure good quality and cost-effective emergency accommodation

Transforming leisure services


  • In partnership with GLL, continue to deliver investment in the borough’s leisure facilities, including improvements at South Reading Leisure Centre, and finish and open the new swimming pools at Rivermead Leisure Centre
  • Work with our partners and GLL to increase rates of physical activity and attendance at borough leisure centres

Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) partnerships


  • Implement the VCS action plan to build our relationship with the VCS and increase capacity within the sector

Adult Transformation Programme


  • Develop a preventative occupational therapy function at the Adult Social Care Advice and Well Being Hub
  • Develop a voluntary sector-led Adult Social Care Front Door
  • Develop an unpaid carers strategy and increased short breaks provision in partnership with carers and partners
  • Launch Community Wellness Outreach Programme including NHS Health Checks
  • Create a co-produced Adult Social Care Strategy

Key Brighter Futures for Children projects and initiatives


  • Develop our refreshed Early Help strategy with the One Reading Children & Young People’s Partnership, strengthened by a shared overarching strategy to tackle child poverty
  • Develop a Family Hub model for Reading, focusing on creating a more seamless Family Help offer that is targeted at the areas of greatest need
  • Strengthen corporate parenting activity of the Company and Council through a refreshed Corporate Parenting strategy and implement the learning from the Care Leavers’ Review and review of our Corporate Parenting Panel
  • Increase the number of local placements for our children in care to ensure as many of our children as possible remain living near their local friends and family networks
  • Implement RISE, our new inclusion support service, which will help develop inclusive practice across all Reading schools

Berkshire West Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2021-2030


Deliver the five implementation plans, in collaboration with statutory, voluntary and community partners, which cover a range of health improvement actions across five priority areas:

  1. Reducing the difference in health between different groups of people
  2. Support for individuals at high risk of bad health outcomes to live healthy lives
  3. Help children and families in early years
  4. Promote good mental health and wellbeing for all children and young people
  5. Promote good mental health and wellbeing for all adults

Key measures – inclusive economy

MeasureBaselineResult 22/23Target 23/24Target 24/25
Number of affordable homes delivered178135169169
Total (net) completed additional dwellings (new build and conversions)408888689689
Total (net) completed additional dwellings that are three or more bed family homes65128124137
Participation at Council cultural venues150,000 1402,023325,000350,000
Number of visits to our libraries150,000 1241,000260,000270,000
Borough bus usage7.4 million 114.1 million16 million18 million
Borough park & ride usage240,000 1106,132150,000250,000
Borough rail usage (all trips)3.2 million 18.8 million10 million11 million
Suspension Rate for primary and secondary school pupils at maintained schools, per 10,000 studentsNew measure5.6% (21/22)5.7%5.7%
Key stage 2 – reducing the gap in the percentage of advantaged and disadvantaged pupils who achieve the expected level of attainment in reading, writing, and maths20%29%25%23%
Key Stage 4 – reducing the gap in the overall Attainment 8 score between advantaged and disadvantaged pupils21211815
Percentage of Care Leavers who are not in education, employment, or training for work (NEET) 17 and 18-year-oldsNew measure29%20%20%
Percentage of Care Leavers who are not in education, employment, or training for work (NEET) 19 to 21-year-oldsNew measure39%38%38%
Percentage of people with a learning disability in paid employment4.7%4.5%5.5%6.0%
Number of school places for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) (cumulative)4024531,0581,184
New Directions College Qualification Achievement Rates89.2% 291.4%95.7%95.7%

1 Low baseline due to Covid; targets based on current performance
2 Current national rate

Key projects – inclusive economy


Cultural Placemaking – improvement projects to parks, community facilities and heritage assets


  • Shape the future three-year delivery plan 2022-25 for Reading’s Culture and Heritage Strategy
  • Deliver key improvements to the library service, including plans for the Central Library via the Levelling up Fund
  • Use arts, culture, heritage and leisure as a vehicle for: delivering placemaking; health and wellbeing; inclusion; economic development and lifelong learning outcomes

Employment and skills training


  • Develop and implement adult skills, employment support and training programmes
  • Employment and Skills programme delivered via Reading UK

Major Transport Schemes


  • Complete Reading West Station upgrade
  • Continued delivery of South Reading Mass Rapid Transport

Town Centre regeneration


  • Bring forward the Minster Quarter site for development and utilising the £2m brownfield development grant
  • Adoption of a new Town Centre Strategy which sets the vision and actions needed for inclusive and sustainable growth
  • Start work to deliver significant improvements to our culture and customer offer with major works to the Hexagon and the Civic building where we will be reprovisioning the Central Library and redesigning customer provision to create a more modern and efficient offer

Tackling Inequality Strategy


  • Deliver our Tackling Inequality Strategy through a place-based approach to improving skills education and training
  • Implement and subsequently expand a new apprenticeship and work experience mentoring scheme

Economic development


  • Support the development of an Economic Development Strategy for Reading led by REDA

Key measures – foundations

MeasureBaselineResult 22/23Target 23/24Target 24/25
Residents’ Survey: Satisfaction with the way the Council runs things overall66%63%60% (result from Residents’ Survey, summer 2023)70%
Residents’ Survey: Agreement that the Council provides value for money54%47%42% (result from Residents’ Survey, summer 2023)50%
Customer satisfaction in the Customer Fulfilment Centre88%81% (Q4)90%90%
Number of invoices paid by the Council within 30 days of invoice date71%84% (Q4)85%90%
Percentage of responses to Freedom of Information Act requests within 20 days77%81% (Q4)90%90%
Percentage of responses to complaints within agreed timescales56%72% (Q4)80%100%
Number of self-service transactions via My Account self-service60,000253,320265,000280,000
Black and Minority Ethnic employees in Council’s workforce14.4%17.0%18.5%20.0%
Gender pay gap (mean) for Council’s workforce2.06%0.13%0.10%0.05%
Ethnicity pay gap (mean) for Council’s workforce4.70%1.80%2.25%2.00%

Key projects – foundations


Driving social value through our contracts and procurement


Implement Social Value Strategy and reporting (internal training, link with external organisations and deployment of social value achieved).

Driving efficiency through contracts and procurement


Deliver a programme of work to ensure that we get the best value for money for the goods and services that we buy.

Implementation of the RBC Customer Experience Programme


Maintain the externally assessed standard for ‘Achieving Customer Services Excellence’ including the implementation of the new Customer and Case Management System.

Becoming a digital first organisation and digital inclusive community


Implementing the Connected Reading Strategy with the highest priority aims being:

  • Making our services better and quicker for customers and staff, enabled by digital technology
  • Making our digital services as accessible as possible to all in Reading, and helping those who are digitally excluded to become included
  • Using digital technology to help the elderly and vulnerable to live as independently as possible

Managing your information effectively


Implementation of our Information Management Strategy.

Equalities, diversity and inclusion initiatives


Create a workforce that is fully representative of the population we serve, where all staff feel welcomed and valued for the unique perspective, they bring to Team Reading, and where everyone, irrespective of their background, is supported and empowered to achieve their goals and progress their careers.

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