Reading All-Bus value day ticket

An infographic detailing the Reading all bus value day ticket from just three pounds and 40 pence.

You can now ask your bus driver for a ‘Reading All-Bus’ day ticket. It is a new great value fare offering all-day travel on Reading Buses, Thames Travel, Arriva and Thames Valley buses. It covers travel all around the Greater Reading Area and starts at just £3.50 (or £3.40 from any of the bus companies’ Apps). What better reason to start taking the bus?

The ticket will be particularly beneficial in areas such as Caversham where three bus companies provide services and ticket holders will always be able to use the next bus that arrives. There will also be discounted day tickets for young people and groups.

Reading All-Bus prices

Ticket typeApp priceOn the bus price
Young person (under 18)£2.60£2.80
Group peak *£9£9
Group off peak **£5.50£5.50
All-Bus ticket prices
  • * Group (peak and off peak ) tickets are valid for up to 4 adults/children travelling together
  • ** The off-peak group tickets are valid from 9.30am until 4am Monday to Fridays and all day during weekends and public holidays. During school holidays the 9.30 start time still applies.

Greater Reading route map

Routes covered in the multi-operator day travel ticket

4 buses of varying sizes with drivers stood alongside them.

Find out more information on the bus company websites:

Making Reading bus travel quicker, cheaper and more reliable

This is just the first phase of our two-year plan to improve Reading’s bus service.

We also have ambitions to make bus services in Reading even better:

  • Extensions to the Buzz 42 service and South Reading services
  • Developing the Park & Ride service to the Royal Berkshire Hospital and University. As well as enhancing Mereoak Park & Ride itself
  • Bus information and passenger safety improvements, including better bus shelters and Real-time passenger information displays
  • Significant increases in bus priority and the transformation of the bus networks. This will be through bus rapid transit and other measures – such as new bus lanes on Oxford Road, Bath Road, Southampton Street and London Road
  • Further phases of the South Reading MRT scheme on the A33 to speed up journey times between Mereoak P&R and the town centre
  • Giving passengers more of a say through the creation of a ‘Passenger Charter’

About Reading’s Bus Service Improvement Plan

We were one of 31 local authorities across the country to successfully bid for Department for Transport funding to develop and deliver its Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP). This plan has an integral role to play in helping Reading towards its net-zero carbon target by 2030 by encouraging more people to travel by bus.

Reading received the third highest funding award in the country (per head of population). The majority of areas unsuccessful in their bids.

We drew up Reading’s Bus Service Improvement Plan early last year. It is a blueprint for improvements and major investment in Reading’s bus services. It has been prepared with the active engagement of all local bus operators, including the council-owned Reading Buses, and all neighbouring local authorities to the Greater Reading urban area.

The picture shows text saying:
'Pay less to travel by bus to find out how the Government can help you Search Help for Households'

The Reading All-Bus ticket builds on the national £2 single bus fare scheme launched in January and has been extended until 30 June 2023. The Reading fares scheme provides a greater benefit for Reading residents where fares for regular travellers were already less than £2. The £2 singles benefit people travelling outside of Reading to nearby towns.

Tap On Tap Off

We are continuing to invest in reducing fare prices for people travelling within the Greater Reading area in collaboration with local bus operators with funding from the Department of Transport.

To complement the existing Reading All Bus ticket, we are now introducing a new easier and quicker way to pay for your journey called “tap on tap off”.

With tap on tap off, you no longer need to worry about choosing the best adult on the day fare for your journey; this will automatically be done for you as you travel.

Tap on tap off will be available across all local bus operators, Reading Buses, Thames Travel, Arriva and Thames Valley Buses, and will be particularly beneficial in areas such as Caversham where three bus companies provide services, enabling bus users to always be able to use the next bus that arrives.

More information on Tap On Tap Off.

Last updated on 29/01/2024