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Welcome to the Directorate
Departments and job roles
What our team has to say

Welcome to the Directorate of Communities and Adult Social Care

The Communities and Adult Social Care Directorate provides important services for adults in our community. We also help with housing and support for tenants. Partnership working is an integral part of what we do – working with organisations, local care providers and the voluntary sector to ensure that people have access to as much support as possible in their community.

Watch our Executive Director, Melissa Wise, share an introduction to the Directorate of Resources in the 30-second video below:

Departments and job roles

Our services support many different needs – often working with the most vulnerable people in the community. Explore what each department does and example job roles below:

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Adult Social Care Operations
Our department works hard to build a more inclusive, supportive community for all. We provide vital assistance to vulnerable adults and those with long-term disabilities. Our work focuses on assessing needs, encouraging independent living and improving quality of life. Some example roles in this department include:

  • Occupational Therapist
  • Social Worker
  • Business Support Officer
  • Social Care Coordinator
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    Safeguarding, Quality, Performance and Practice
    Put simply, we are passionate about ensuring individuals with care needs are protected from harm. By conducting mental health assessments and upholding social work standards, we improve the wellbeing and safety of our residents. Importantly, we are always working with professional partners to enhance the quality of care we provide. Some example roles in this department include:

  • Principal Social Worker
  • Social Care Coordinator
  • Business Support Officer
  • Team Manager
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    Commissioning and Transformation
    Our department works to improve council services by managing contracts, analysing performance data and leading projects. Our goal is to make services more efficient and effective, helping the council to achieve its goals and provide better support for residents. Some example roles in this department include:

  • Quality and Contract Management Officer
  • Governance Officer
  • Data & Performance Analysts
  • Transformation Project Manager
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    Public Health and Wellbeing
    Our Public Health and Wellbeing team is serious about improving health and reducing health inequalities across our population. We work alongside other councils and partners to drive health improvements for our town. We also host the Reading and West Berkshire Public Health Team, which seeks to improve public health outcomes across both areas. Some example roles in this department include:

  • Information & Engagement Officer
  • Public Health Programme Officer
  • Consultant in Public Health
  • Wellbeing Programme Officer
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    Housing and Communities
    The Housing and Communities department ensures people have safe, affordable homes and works hard to support the wellbeing of our community. We manage housing services, develop new housing projects, assist those that are at risk of homelessness and work with community partners to improve quality of life for residents. Some example roles in this department include:

  • Strategic Housing Service Manager
  • Property Manager
  • Housing Needs Service Manager
  • Community Partnerships Service Manager
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    What our team has to say

    Discover the career journeys of our team members, in their own words. From how they started to where they are now, find out what it’s like to work at Reading Borough Council.

    Social Worker

    “I work as a Social Worker in the Mental Health Team within Adult Social Care.  I have been working here for nearly a year.  I enjoy working here because I feel valued within my team, new ideas are welcomed and implemented and my colleagues are diverse and dynamic. Working for Reading has given me lots of opportunity for training and development, and also the ability to work flexibly to suit my lifestyle and other commitments. ”

    Social Worker

    “I joined the Reading adult social care team in 2010 as a care assistant and, through years of experience, developed the skills needed to become a Social Worker. In 2020, I secured a place in the social work degree apprenticeship program and qualified in 2023. Reading Borough Council has always encouraged my learning and skill development. I love the diversity of our work and the supportive culture here, having built great relationships with colleagues, some of whom I’ve worked with since the beginning. I look forward to continuing my career growth within the council, and know they’ll support  me in whichever path I choose.”

    Jobs at Reading Borough Council

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