Town twinning

Reading Dusseldorf – 75 years of friendship photo contest

We are twinned with communities across the world. As our population becomes more diverse, we hope our global twin towns can play even more of a part in our progress.

Clonmel, Ireland

We were twinned with Clonmel in 1994. The town is home to the Bulmers cider factory and is known as Ireland’s most beautiful inland town.

Dusseldorf, Germany

In 2017, we celebrate the 70th anniversary of our link with Dusseldorf – a tie that was set up after World War Two. We were officially twinned in 1975. See the Reading-Dusseldorf Association website for more information.

San Francisco Libre, Nicaragua

We were formally twinned in 1994 to set up a cultural and educational exchange between the two communities. When the town was hit by Hurricane Mitch in 1998, the Mayor helped raise funds to rebuild the town.

The Reading San Francisco Libre Association (RSFLA) always welcomes new interest and support.

Speightstown, Barbados

When the town fell into disrepair during the 1950s, hundreds of Bajans came to Reading for work. The twinning recognises the huge social and economic contribution the Bajan community has made to Reading.

Last updated on 14/06/2022