Commercial Services health and safety information

The Health and Safety Strategy defines and coordinates Reading Borough
Council’s approach to managing health, safety and welfare. The strategy includes how we will carry out this work and how health and safety performance will be measured.

A Corporate Health and Safety Action Plan has been prepared to support the strategy. The Corporate Health & Safety Committee will monitor this action plan. The targets will be reviewed and updated annually.

The Council’s Corporate Management Team fully endorse the strategy as the
Council’s approach to the management of health and safety.

Corporate Health and Safety Strategy 2016 – 2019


  1. That all managers set and adhere to standards of health, safety and
    welfare across the Council, ensuring compliance and leading by example, working together to improve the health, safety and welfare of our staff and customers.
  2. To ensure that all staff have a safe working environment with risks being reduced by designing, adopting and sharing best practice. All staff challenge unsafe acts, unsafe situations and poor practice.
  3. That health and welfare is recognised as essential to making the Council a great place to work with interventions and programmes in place to support managers and staff.
  4. That the Council has a competent and engaged workforce and that everyone has the skills to do their job in a safe and healthy way.
  5. The Council will deliver constant improvement in how it manages its
    health and safety risks.
  6.  That all managers, staff, and stakeholders are engaged actively in the
    effective management of health and safety risks.
Last updated on 03/01/2020