Advertising (‘A’) Boards

Advertising (‘A’) Boards displayed on the public highway can create problems for users of the public highway who are visually impaired, those with mobility difficulties, wheel chair/mobility scooter users and for pushchairs/prams. They can also be considered unsightly, make an area look cluttered and less attractive and have a negative impact on the street scene.

Under the Highways Act 1980 sections 143 & 149 it is an offence to obstruct the highway. Legislation allows Local Highway Authorities to implement and adopt licensing schemes on the public highway.

The ‘A’ Board licence relates to any type of free standing adverts/directional signs/information signs and inanimate characters placed on the public highway.

The “Highway” includes footways, footpaths, paved areas and pedestrianised areas within the public highway domain. This policy does not include ‘A’ Boards sited on privately owned land.

Please note: Licences are only valid for 1 year and are not transferable.

  • Year 1 – A fee of £60 is charged for each application and this includes the first year licence fee of £50.
  • Each advertising board will require a separate licence and only 2 per business are allowed.
  • Year 2 (and subsequent years) – An annual fee of £50 will be charged per licence.

Applications for an ‘A’ board Licence can be made online . Please create an account and then make your application via the online application form.


Last updated on 01/12/2022