Personal licence

Complete a Personal Licence application form if you want to run or manage a business that sells alcohol. You have to be over 18, have passed the accredited level 2 award for personal licence holders and received a certificate to show you have completed your basic disclosure within one month prior to submission.

As of 1st March 2018, we will not accept Basic Disclosure certificates issued by Disclosure Scotland. Disclosure Scotland no longer have delegated authority to apply Rehabilitation of Offenders Act rules to England and Wales. This authority expired on 31st January 2018. Any applications received after 1st March 2018 which include a Basic Disclosure from Disclosure Scotland will be returned to the applicant as incomplete.

You will need to include a completed Disclosure of Conviction form.

You will need to provide 2 counter-signed passport style photos. List of persons that may be a counter-signatory for the photograph.

You must apply to the licensing authority in the area you live, not where you work.

You may apply for your personal licence online.

Change of name or address

If you have changed your name or address then you must complete this change of name or address form – which will include making a payment. A current photograph of the personal licence holder must be submitted with the application to change the name or address.

Please note that we can only process these change request applications if your personal licence was issued by Reading Borough Council. If you have moved into Reading, but your licence was issued by another authority, you will need to contact that issuing authority to notify them of the change and they will send you your amended licence.


Application: £37

Change of name or address: £10.50

Accredited Course Providers

The Home Office has accredited certain organisations to provide the Personal Licence course – list of approved course providers.

Immigration Act

As of 6 April 2017, applicants for a premises licence, transferring of a licence, interim authority notice or a personal licence will have to prove that they are eligible to live and work in the UK. Please see our guidance notes for more details and a full list of acceptable documents. Please note, if you do not provide this proof, we will not process or issue you a licence.

Please also note that if you are issued a licence and you then lose your entitlement to live and work in the UK, your licence will lapse.

From 28th January 2019, individuals or partnerships who are applying for the grant of a premises licence; a transfer of a premises licence; an interim authority notice or the grant of a personal licence, can demonstrate that they have a right to work in the UK by using the Online Right to Work Checking Service provided by the Home Office. If you use this service to demonstrate your right to work, then you must include your 9 digit ‘share code’ within your application so that we can access the information. If you don’t then we cannot accept your application. By giving us your share code, you authorise us to view the data and use it to verify your right to work status within the UK.

From 06th April 2022, all biometric card holders will evidence their right to work using the Home Office online service only. We will no longer be able to accept physical cards for the purposes of a right to work check even if it shows a later expiry date.

Last updated on 21/06/2022