Environmental permitting (pollution control)

Pay for your environmental permit

Defra gives guidance on which industrial processes need permits and their charges.

We regulate Parts A2 and B permits.

Part A application form

Application for Part B permit

Application for permit for a dry cleaners

Application for a permit for respraying of road vehicles

Application for a permit for a Part B service station

Application for a permit for a small waste oil burner

Apply for a temporary transfer (mobile plant)

Part B permit surrender notification form

Part B permit transfer form

Part B permit variation form

Public participation and consultations

The public are invited to comment on current applications for all permits (Part A2 and Part B) and draft determinations for Part A2 Permits only.

Comments on applications/determinations must be made to the Council within 20 days of notification being placed on the website.

Last updated on 01/12/2022