Sex establishment licence

We limit the number and location of sex establishments in the borough.

You should read our licensing policy statement and contact the licensing team about the suitability of your location, before completing an application form to run a sex establishment.

There will be a consultation period before your application goes to the Licensing Committee. This includes sending a copy of your application to Thames Valley Police, arranging for a Schedule B Notice to be published in a local paper (and sending proof of this to us) and displaying a Schedule B Notice on or near your premises for a minimum of 21 days. The process can take eight weeks.

You must not operate until you have received your licence.


Sex shop: £1,180

Sexual Entertainment Venue (SEV) Grant Application: £2,921

Sexual Entertainment Venue (SEV) Renewal Application: £2,209

Sexual Entertainment Venue (SEV) Variation Application: £1,147

Sexual Entertainment Venue (SEV) Transfer Application: £140

You can make online payments for sex establishment licences here.

Last updated on 22/05/2024