School transport

You must take and pass all tests before you submit an application. Only complete applications will be accepted. Please see information below detailing all requirements.

You’ll need to complete a tax check when you renew your licence as a:
– driver of a taxi (hackney carriage)
– driver of a private hire vehicle (and dual licences)
– private hire vehicle operator

Please note the licensing team cannot answer any questions relating to Income Tax.

Driver licence

A driver’s licence is for the driver of a vehicle. You will also need a vehicle licence for the vehicle itself.

Before you apply:

  • You must sign up to the DBS update service when you apply for your next DBS certificate. Tell us the reference details it gives you. If you have mislaid the reference details, you will have to do a new DBS check.
  • You must sign up for the DVLA online check and provide a check code with your application. The code you give will only be available to us for 21 days.
  • You must pass the safeguarding training.

Driver’s licence fees

Apply for a driver’s licence fees

You must apply at least six weeks before your current licence expires. You cannot drive without a valid licence.

A complete application includes:

We need all this information before we can issue a licence. We cannot guarantee to issue your new licence if you do not allow us at least six weeks to process the application. You won’t be able to drive your vehicle until we issue the new licence.

Further information

School transport driver’s licence conditions


You must undertake safeguarding training to drive a school transport vehicle.

Once you have completed your training, you need to submit a copy of your certificate when you apply. You can book yourself on one of our training dates – the fee for this is £22.50. View possible training dates

Points on your licence

Generally, 3 points on your DVLA licence will not affect your application. If you have 6 points or more, we will refer the application to a senior office or a committee to decide.

Vehicle licence

A vehicle licence is for the vehicle. You will also need a driver’s licence for each driver of the vehicle.

For your first application, contact us and we will assign a plate number for your vehicle. You will need this before your vehicle’s test so you can add it to your roof sign.

A vehicle licence lasts 12 months – you must apply again at least six weeks before your current licence runs out.

Vehicle testing

Authorised Testing Centres:
Universal Commercial Vehicles
5 Deacon Way, Reading, RG30 6AZ
0118 942 6666


21-23 Boulton Rd, Reading, RG2 0NH,
United Kingdom
0118 931 1345

You must arrange a test for your vehicle at an authorised test facility. You can then complete an online vehicle licence form.

Apply for vehicle licence

We only licence certain vehicles. You should check your vehicle meets these vehicle specifications

Vehicle licence fees

When to have your vehicle tested
Age of vehicle Frequency of MOT Frequency of compliance test
Under 3 years Not required Once a year
3 to 5 years Once a year Once a year
5 years and over Twice a year Twice a year
Operator licence

School transport operator conditions

The application period can take over 12 weeks. Once you have made your application there will be a consultation period. After that your application will go to the Licensing Committee.

The licence lasts for one year. You must apply again at least six weeks before your licence runs out.

Apply for operator’s licence

School transport operator – grant and renewal of licence fees

Pre-application service

We offer support services for customers applying for a licence for the first time.

We offer two services:

  • Pre-application (application form and documents only)
    This costs £98
    We will give application advice and ensure the application is complete.
  • Pre-application and operator’s site visit/vehicle inspection (application form, documents and one hour visit)
    This costs £157
    This includes:
    • the work covered in the basic pre-application service
    • one hour operator’s site visit and vehicle inspection. If the inspection will take longer than one hour, it will cost a further £98
Refused application

If we refuse or revoke your licence you have a right to appeal within 21 days of the decision. We cannot offer guidance on making an appeal. You should seek independent legal advice.

Last updated on 06/06/2024