Moving and Positioning


Karen Anderson and Lynda Beddow

Target Group

Staff undertaking moving and positioning of people.

Foundation: for staff who have not previously attended training

Refresher: annual refresher required for RBC staff & recommended for others

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the impact legislation has on their working practices and that of others.
  • Relate the principles of manual handling to the biomechanics of the spine.
  • Recognise by use of a simple risk assessment tool, situations where an injury is likely to be sustained.
  • Adopt a problem solving approach to reduce risks.
  • Recognise unsafe and poor moving and handling techniques.
  • Perform the moving and handling techniques and use the equipment demonstrated on the course.
  • Work within policy guidelines

The cost is £33 per delegate to attend and they will be invoiced after attending the course. There is a charge of £75 for any non-attendance without notification unless there are mitigating circumstances.

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Last updated on 28/02/2023