DSE assessor training

All teams where staff regularly use DSE as a significant part of their normal work (daily, for continuous periods of an hour or more) should have a trained a DSE assessor.

This course aims to develop the knowledge and skills required to carry out the role of DSE assessor in the workplace. This course is also suitable as a refresher. This course should be refreshed every 3 years.

Course content:

  • How to competently carry out Display Screen Equipment assessments (delegates will be required to conduct a DSE assessment as part of the course)
  • An understanding of the law relating to DSE
  • Techniques to promote safe use of equipment and furniture within the office environment
  • An understanding of potential health risks associated with DSE and strategies to reduce the occurrence of Work Related Upper Limb Disorders

You do not need any prior knowledge to attend.

The training is delivered by the Corporate Health and Safety Team.

Last updated on 21/09/2023