Help with parenting

Parenting services

Brighter Futures for Children offer a range of programmes for parents of children from birth to teenagers to support parents in developing their parenting skills further.

Children’s centres

Find your nearest children’s centre.


Visit our disability information page to see how we can support you with your childcare.

Problems at school

If your child is struggling at school (for example, with schoolwork or attendance), speak to the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) at your child’s school.

School attendance

Mental health

To see what is on offer for young people in Reading to support their mental health, look on the Young People’s Zone on the Brighter Futures for Children website. For a list of the full services available, see the Family Information Services directory. If you have significant or urgent concerns about a child, contact the Children’s Single Point of Access (CSPoA).

Problems with drugs and the law

We will support you if your child is in trouble with the police. If they get into trouble locally, but not with the police, contact our Reconnect youth team.

Last updated on 31/05/2023