Helping Prevent terrorism and extremism

Prevent is the Government’s strategy to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism, in all its forms, by acting early to challenge extremist and terrorist ideologies and behaviours.

Reading Borough Council runs a multi-agency Prevent partnership to help all agencies work together on Prevent, including assessing risk in the local area, training, awareness raising and providing intervention and support to individuals at risk of being influenced or ‘groomed’ into terrorism.

Warning signs

There is no single profile of a person likely to become drawn into extremist and terrorist ideologies and behaviours but signs could be:

  • becoming withdrawn and stopping participating in their usual activities
  • expressing feelings of anger, grievance, injustice
  • going missing from their home, school or care setting
  • a new group of friends who have an extremist ideology
  • using language that supports ‘us and them’ thinking
  • possessing or searching for extremist literature online
  • joining organisations that hold extremist views

If you are worried about someone

1. Make safe

If emergency services are required, call 999. Take responsible steps to ensure that there is no immediate danger.

2. Refer

Complete a Prevent National Referral Form, and email it to:

Internet Safety

The internet and social media provides many opportunities for those with extreme views to target young or vulnerable individuals. To learn more about internet safety look to the Online safety web page.

Information and support

Complaints procedure

Complaints about the Prevent or Channel in Reading should be directed to the Chief Executive, Reading Borough Council using the make a complaint form. An appropriate course of action will be then be decided and will follow the corporate complaints procedure.

The action undertaken will depend on the subject matter of the complaint; issues of administrative fault will be considered separately from complaints of disagreement or ideological/religious divergence.

Reading Borough Council will lead and co-ordinate the complaint response. It will also be responsible for answering complaints relating to procedure.

If the complaint refers exclusively to a single partner agency, or the personnel of a single agency, it will be reviewed under their organisation’s complaints procedure.

If the complaint concerns safeguarding issues, it will be dealt with by the local authority’s safeguarding complaints procedure.

If the complaint alleges harassment, it will be cross-referred to the harassment procedure.

In addition, a national complaints procedure exists that provides a route to raise concerns about Channel or Prevent. Anyone can make a compliant via a dedicated Standards and Compliance Unit (StaCU). Guidance on the complaints process and how to complete the StaCU Complaints form[1] is available on request.

Last updated on 13/06/2024