Using the Reportable app

Step 1: Download Reportable on Google Play or the Apple App Store. You can find links on the Reportable App website.

Step 2: Create your account and choose the service provider Reading Borough Council to investigate your reports. Find out more about how create your account.

Step 3: To make a submission, create a case, take a picture of the event and complete the form. Find out more about submitting a report.

Step 4: Await response from us as we investigate your case reports.

Creating your account

Open the app and click on ‘Create an account. Select Reading Borough Council from the dropdown menu and enter your email address. The app will send an email to this address so that you can confirm your email address. Once confirmed you can return to the app and sign in.

You will need to read through the ‘Terms of Service’ and ‘Conditions of Responsible Use’ . You need to accept these to use the service. You will also have to enter your home address, age and living arrangements. Please note this must be as accurate as possible to support your investigation.

Submitting a report

  1. Tap the plus symbol in the bottom right-hand side, followed by ‘Create a new case’
  2. Select category – this determines which department investigates your report
  3. Select source – you must include this in order for us to investigate
  4. Select photos – add any photos that back up your report. You can do this from your gallery or using Reportable to take a photo.
  5. Impact – this step varies according to what category and source has been chosen – there will be several questions relating to the source chosen
  6. Select location – you can do this on a map, holding down on the pin and moving it to the correct location, or by writing the address
  7. Additional information – you can use this to give any information that your feel is important to your report, for example, how it has affected you
  8. Confirmation – if you are happy with the information presented on the confirmation screen, press ‘Submit Report’
  9. Diary screen – the newest report will always appear at the top of the screen with previous reports listed below. Please keep the app open after submitting your report to allow the report to be sent through to us.
  10. Detail screen – by tapping a created case on the diary screen, you will be able to see a summary of the information in that report. At the bottom of the screen you will see a plus symbol which will show you 2 options:
    1. ‘Add a report to this case’ – this will allow you to continue to add reports to the already ongoing complaint to build your case
    2. ‘Write a message’ – this allows you to send messages directly to your investigator. When receiving replies you will get notifications on the app and by email.


Click the 3 black lines in the top left of the screen to open the following settings:

  • Profile – you can change your personal information here
  • Language – you can change the language of Reportable here
  • About – this will inform you what version of Reportable is currently installed and gives the Terms of Service
  • Logout – you can exit the app using this
Last updated on 20/09/2023