This page provides information about the potential recharges you may be responsible for when leaving your council home.

Recharging tenants

Any repairs that are considered your responsibility, but are carried out by Reading Borough Council, will be recharged to you for payment.

We will identify and recharge any outstanding repairs, cleaning invoices, clearing out of gardens or outhouses/sheds, removal of rubbish, removal of flooring, storage or costs associated.

Photos, housing specifications, inventories and other supporting information will be provided in line with the chargeable repairs policy with a breakdown of the charges.

You will usually be contacted within three months of moving out of your home regarding any charges, however, in some cases this may take longer as we await further information from contractors.

Potential charges when moving out of your home

If you leave any parts of your property in disrepair and we have to carry out work when you leave, you will be charged. The list below outlines the recharge cost associated with some repairs we carry out. Please note these charges are subject to change.

DescriptionCostAdditional information
Renew/replace external front doorMax. £513.82Per door
Renew/replace internal door
£100Per door
Renew/replace kitchen worktops£77.41Per linear meter
Renew/replace kitchen sinkMax. £348.91Per sink
Renew/replace UPVC windowboard & reseal£68.52Per linear meter
Renew/replace double socket£16.01Per socket
Renew/replace light fitting£22.45Per light fitting
Renew/replace bath£712.80Per bath
Renew/replace bathroom wash hand basinMax. £392.16Per basin
Renew/replace toiletMax. £482.25Per toilet
Renew/replace bathroom tiles£79.93Per square metre
Garden tilesMax. £1000Dependent on size of the garden. This does include removal of sheds or fencing.
Removal of sheds£107.03Per shed
Replace storage heater£995.82Per heater
Plaster repair£41.80Per square meter

Clean and clearance charges

One bedroom clean£295.85 – £752.14
Two bedroom clean£376.87 – £914.17
Three bedroom clean£400.51 – £1052.55
Four bedroom clean£424.16 – £1183.77
One van load clearance£258.15
Pest treatment£133.38 – £342.86
Last updated on 19/06/2024