ASB Community Right to Review (Community Trigger)

If you feel that no one is dealing with the antisocial behaviour problems you are experiencing, you have a ‘Right to Review’ of your case. This was formerly known as the Community Trigger. Once you request the Right to Review, the relevant agencies, which may include the local authority, police, health providers and/or social housing, will work together and decide whether any further action can be taken to resolve the issue. Reading Borough Council will try to ensure we involve victims in the process as much as is possible.

The Community Right to Review is not for making a complaint or reporting new antisocial behaviour cases. If you want to make a complaint about the way in which an organisation has dealt with your case, you should enquire with them about their complaint’s procedure.

You can apply for a Community Right to Review response via:

Telephone: 01189373783

Last updated on 30/05/2024