How to report antisocial behaviour

As a council tenant it is important that you can live in your home safely and with enjoyment, free from nuisance, harassment or crime. Unfortunately, there are occasions when it may become necessary to report your concerns about a neighbour or to seek assistance when you feel unsafe in your neighbourhood. There is a range of support available to our tenants, in addition to occasions when you may need to call the Police, about antisocial behaviour, to report to us a hate crime, noise nuisance or domestic abuse.

Antisocial Behaviour and Hate Crime

You may feel worried about what’s going on in your local area or feel intimidated by a neighbour’s behaviour. Antisocial behaviour (ASB) affects many people and can have an impact on you, your home, and your community.

If you’re experiencing antisocial behaviour you don’t have to cope on your own. We can help you deal with it.

This short video explains what you can do in circumstances where you experience antisocial behaviour or hate crime.

Not all antisocial behaviour can be dealt with by Reading Borough Council. This might be because the issue you are reporting is a Police matter, or the person responsible for antisocial behaviour is the tenant of a different landlord who is responsible for investigating. A member of the team can help you understand what to do.

How to report antisocial behaviour

It is important that you try to discuss your concerns with your housing officer first. On most occasions a problem can be resolved simply by talking to your neighbour or asking your housing officer to do so. Alternatively you can ask the Antisocial Behaviour Team to look into the matter for you by:

The team will arrange to make contact with you and will ask you for your consent before proceeding to investigate your case. Without this it is unlikely the team can investigate your case. The team will also ask that you provide evidence of your experience and will only progress a case if within the first four weeks of your report further evidence is provided, either by you or another neighbour. You should expect to be asked to provide statements and for those statements to be used in court if a case is so serious that enforcement action needs to be taken.

For more information about how to report antisocial behaviour or a hate crime use the link below:

Reporting antisocial behaviour – Reading Borough Council

Last updated on 30/05/2024