Right to buy

This page provides information about buying your council home, checking if you qualify, and advice on the application process.

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Eligibility to buy your council home

You can apply to buy your council house if you:

  • have been a secure tenant for at least three years
  • are not bankrupt or in rent arrears
  • are not in sheltered housing
  • are named on the tenancy agreement

It usually takes us 16 weeks to calculate the valuation of your property and what discount you will receive.

You will need to be able to afford to purchase the property yourself, and therefore if you are going to need to borrow money to complete the purchase, such as a mortgage, please ensure that you seek independent financial and legal advice.

Applying to buy your council home

Before starting the application process

Read the Right to Buy handbook and Right to Buy policy before starting the application process.

Completing the Right to Buy form

You will need to complete the Right to Buy form and our Right to Buy – supplementary form.

The Right to Buy application should be emailed to homeownership@reading.gov.uk along with the following documents. Photo ID will need to be brought into the Civic Offices in person.

Primary identity documents (1 document from the list)

  • passport
  • biometric residence permit
  • birth certificate

Other identity documents (1 document from the list)

  • current driving licence – photocard
  • marriage/civil partnership certificate
  • adoption certificate
  • HM forces ID card

Residency documents (12 months consecutive proof needed)

  • bank or building society statement or account opening letter
  • credit card statement
  • wage slips
  • P45
  • P60
  • financial statement, for example, pension/endowment
  • work permit/visa
  • utility bill
  • benefit statement, for example, child benefit/pension

Bank or mortgage lender proof that you can buy the property

You will need to provide evidence from your bank or mortgage lender that you have the financial means to buy the property.

If you have lived in a number of qualifying properties, you will need to prove the former tenancies if you want them to be taken into consideration when calculating the discount.

Getting in touch and further advice

Please contact the Homeownership Team on 0118 937 2092 or homeownership@reading.gov.uk if you any further questions.

Last updated on 29/05/2024