About your tenancy agreement

This page provides general information about your Council Tenancy Agreement. The tenancy agreement sets out your rights and responsibilities as a tenant and those of the council.

When you sign your agreement, you will become either an introductory or secure tenant and you must comply with the conditions of the tenancy. We will tell you which type of tenancy you have been given.

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Understanding your tenancy agreement

What is your tenancy agreement?

Your tenancy agreement is a contract between Reading Borough Council and you and it does not give any rights or duties to anyone else. Your agreement is a legal contract that explains your rights and responsibilities as a tenant and our rights and responsibilities as your landlord.

Any references in your agreement to legislation only apply to legislation in force at the date of your agreement and to any amendment or replacement of it. You must read the full agreement before you sign.

In special circumstances we may add additional terms and conditions to your tenancy agreement. These extra conditions will be set out in a separate agreement signed by you and by us and attached to your tenancy agreement. We can also change the terms of your tenancy if we follow one of the procedures set out in Section 102 of the Housing Act 1985.

Who does it apply to?

The responsibilities in your agreement apply to you, your husband, wife, civil partner or partner and your friends, relatives and anyone else living in or visiting your home, including your children. If this is a joint tenancy, each joint tenant must comply with the obligations set out in your agreement and is responsible for the acts and conduct of all other joint tenants.

Giving us information

You must give us correct information. We may take legal action to force you to leave your home if you (or somebody acting on your behalf) have made a statement you know is false or gives us misleading information in order to obtain this tenancy.

Downloading or requesting a copy of your tenancy agreement

Download sample tenancy agreement

You can download a sample tenancy agreement if you want to understand what the document looks like and what your rights and responsibilities as a tenant are. Please note this is not a valid tenancy agreement.

Request a copy of your tenancy agreement

You can also request a copy of your signed tenancy agreement if you have lost or misplaced yours. Let us know your information on an email by selecting the button below. Please note it can take a couple of weeks for you to receive this copy.

Last updated on 29/05/2024