Living in a safe and healthy home (section 9)

This page provides information about safety in and around your home, including preventing accidents and fires, dealing with pets and infestations, and keeping animals and pets.

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Safety in and around your home

9.1 You must help to keep communal areas and estates clean and safe and must not smoke in the communal areas of any block or council owned building.

9.2 You must not block shared areas or leave litter or dirt or your belongings there.

9.3 You must dispose of all household rubbish and bulky items quickly and appropriately so they do not cause a nuisance.

9.4 You, or anyone living with or visiting you, must not damage, dirty or vandalise any communal or shared areas relating to your home.

9.5 You, or any contractor that you employ, must not open up any duct cover, access hatch or service opening for the purpose of running any new cables or services such as TV, satellite, phone or broadband, etc. without first obtaining written permission from us. If you do this without permission, we may arrange for the disconnection of the service and you must pay any charge for reconnection.

9.6 You must not obstruct, jam or prop open security or shared doors and you must not give out any keys or pass codes to entry doors.

Preventing accidents and fires

9.7 You or anyone living with or visiting you, must not create a fire risk or trip hazard by:

  • leaving rubbish, dangerous materials or personal belongings in any shared areas in the building (fire exits, staircases, corridors entrances) or on the estate (bin stores, garages or other communal areas)
  • using portable oil or paraffin heaters in your home 
  • storing materials, gas canisters or bottles or any dangerous, flammable or explosive materials either inside or outside your home, including in any garden, garage, shed or outbuilding (except oxygen you need for medical reasons or items for domestic use, for example a barbecue gas bottle) 
  • interfering with or damaging any fire-safety equipment in your home or communal areas of flats
  • allowing oil or other harmful substance to enter the drains 
  • tampering with the supply of gas, electricity or water, or with any other services, meters, smoke detectors or equipment that we have installed in your home or communal area

This is not a full list.

9.8 You must not keep mopeds, motor scooters or motorbikes inside your home or in any shared areas inside the building your home is in (for example, entrance halls, stairs or landings). 

9.9 Battery-powered scooters for use by the elderly or disabled may be stored in your home so long as they do not cause an obstruction preventing safe exit. Mobility scooters must not be left or stored in any communal or shared areas inside the building your home is in (for example entrance halls, stairs, landings). If we provide parking areas for battery powered scooters, you must park any battery-powered scooter within those parking areas.

9.10 If any part of your home is a fire escape you must keep it clear and free of all obstructions.

9.11 You agree that any items left in communal areas that create a fire risk or trip hazard may be disposed of. If we have to get rid of your belongings or remove any obstruction caused by you, or anyone living with or visiting you, you will have to pay the costs of us doing so.

9.12 You or anyone at the property must not hoard items, animals or any other thing at the property. By hoarding this means the excessive collection and retention of any materials or items in the premises which could create a hazard, or a potential hazard to the tenant, other people (including officers of the council) or to neighbouring properties.

Dealing with pests and infestations

9.13 You must keep your home free of pests and avoid doing anything which encourages an infestation of insects, vermin or other pests in either your home or communal areas. You must not throw scraps of food out of the window as this can lead to infestations.

9.14 You are responsible for dealing with infestations and pests. If you do not deal with infestations we will charge you the reasonable cost of special cleaning and any additional professional treatment that is necessary to deal with an infestation.

Keeping animals and pets

9.15 If you live in a house or a bungalow you must not keep more than two domestic animals, such as dogs, cats, caged birds or small animals. You must care for and keep them under proper control. You must get our written permission before keeping any other animal.

9.16 If you live in a building where there is a warden and/or shared access areas (for example Sheltered housing or in a block of flats), you must not keep a dog or cat or other large pet, unless it is a registered guide dog or hearing dog or you have obtained written permission.

9.17 You must not keep unsuitable animals at your home, garden or outbuildings. Unsuitable animals include, among others: wild animals, poisonous insects and spiders, poisonous or dangerous snakes or fish and large reptiles. In addition:

  • animals registered under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976
  • farm animals – for example, sheep, goats, pigs, cattle and horses
  • dogs specified under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991

9.18 You must not breed any animals at your home, or build a chicken coop, pigeon coop or aviary without first getting our written permission.

9.19 You must not:

  • run a pet/animal business from your home – this includes breeding animals for sale or boarding kennels
  • allow your home to become unhygienic
  • feed squirrels, pigeons or other vermin either at your home or within your garden, communal areas or in your local neighbourhood

9.20 You, and anyone living with you, must not allow your pets to frighten, annoy or cause a nuisance to us or anybody in the neighbourhood. This includes:

  • letting your dog bark excessively
  • failing to keep your pet under control
  • creating any kind of danger to people’s health

This is not a full list.

9.21 If your animal fouls in any area of the property, communal area or in the neighbourhood, then you must immediately remove the mess.

9.22 If your pet creates a nuisance, we can ask you to find another home for the animal. If you fail to do so, we may take legal action to make you leave your home.

9.23 You, or anyone else living with you, must make sure your pet does not prevent us getting into your home.

9.24 If you do not comply with the above terms and conditions, we may refuse to give our permission or subsequently withdraw our permission and you may be asked to remove the pet(s) from your home.

Last updated on 29/05/2024