Housing for key workers

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This page provides information and advice on what housing options are available for key workers.

A key worker is a person who is employed delivering an essential public service in the following sectors:

  • Health Services
  • Education Services
  • Social Care
  • Public and local government
  • Prison or Probation
  • Police
  • Fire Services

On this page:

Social housing for key workers

The allocations scheme defines key workers for the purposes of social housing allocation in Reading through Homechoice at Reading. The residency criteria of 3 years no longer applies if you have a permanent contract of employment in the borough as a key worker. Therefore, you will qualify to join the register without the 3-year Reading residency requirement. This includes public sector employees and people delivering a public sector duty.

The local authority will:

  • set aside a percentage of properties each year for allocation only to key workers (the property advert will detail this)
  • from time to time, launch specific schemes only for key workers (these will also be set out in the adverts)

To be considered for social housing or properties set aside for key workers, you must register for Homechoice at Reading.

Some Registered Providers offer access to additional accommodation available for key workers. This is usually not included in the local authority’s allocations scheme. In Reading, this is A2Dominion and you can find more information on their website or by calling 0800 432 0077.

Home ownership for key workers

There may be initiatives available in the ownership or shared ownership market specifically for key workers. These can be accessed via property developers or mortgage lenders.

Remember this information will change on a regular basis. If you would like to pursue home ownership, you should use social media to find out about the latest incentives and offers.

For more information on home ownership, read our home ownership page.

Private renting for key workers

Other than options with Registered Providers (as set out above), there are no incentives in the private rented sector specifically for key workers. However, this may be the quickest and most appropriate option. For more information on how to access the private rented sector, visit our private renting page.

Last updated on 15/04/2024