Being a tenant and wanting a pet

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It’s never advisable to keep a pet in a property without the landlord’s consent. If you have taken on a pet, speak to your landlord straight away. They may give you written permission to keep it, if you meet certain conditions to show you are a responsible pet owner.

Here are some ways you can show you are responsible pet owner:

Write a pet CV

Include the contact details of your veterinary practice, proof of microchipping, details of vaccinations, flea and worming treatments, any training courses attended, and someone who can care for your pet in an emergency.

Example of a pet CV.

Blue Cross can offer veterinary care to pets when the owners cannot afford the fees.

The RSPCA offers low cost veterinary care to those that qualify

The PDSA Pet Care Scheme is just £4.50 a month and gives your pet access to:

  • One vet health consultation
  • One vaccination or booster every year, including a pet wellbeing MOT or health check.
  • 20% discount on full-price vet treatments
  • PDSA Helpline – 24/7 pet care advice from qualified vet nurses, whenever you need it
  • 15% discount on PDSA Petsurance
  • A quarterly newsletter packed with useful pet health advice

You can join if you live in the right catchment area and you claim/receive any of the following:

  • Housing benefit
  • Council tax support
  • Universal Credit with Housing Element

Get a reference

If the pet has been part of a renting household before, provide a reference from their previous owner/landlord. You will show it is well behaved and has not previously caused any problems.

Arrange a meeting

If you haven’t got a pet but would like to, you may put your landlord’s mind at ease by introducing them to the animal first.

Agree to train your dog

The Institute of Modern Do Trainer’s website provides details of qualified trainers in your area.

Puppy training can cost as little as £50 for a course, or £75 for one to one behavioural training.

The following websites also provide helpful hints and tips to train and manage cats and dogs:

Update your tenancy agreement

If your landlord has given you permission to keep a pet in your property, make sure you get it in writing. You should ask for a clause to be added to your tenancy agreement, which contains the things that you have agreed on. Make sure that any ‘No Pets’ clauses are removed. This will prevent problems from arising in future.

What to do if you landlord says you cannot keep a pet

  • Offer to walk a friend or family member’s dog
  • Register with Borrow My Doggy. Connect with dog owners in your area and walk their pets for them.
  • Register as a volunteer for an animal rescue/rehoming charity
  • Adopt a wild animal or bird. Many wildlife charities will provide an adoption certificate, cuddly toy, and updates/newsletters, all for a small fee. You will be helping important conversation work too. You can adopt anything from a tiger, to a meerkat, or even an owl.
  • Born Free
  • Chester Zoo

If you adopt an animal at Beale Park you will receive a mug, a complimentary ticket each year, regular updates, an adoption certificate, and your name on the adoption board at the park. 

Last updated on 29/05/2024