Noisy dogs

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The video below contains information on why a dog might bark and what to do if you have a noisy dog.

Persistent dog barking can be troublesome for both dog owners and their neighbours. The good news is most of the underlying reasons can be addressed.

This behaviour may be due to loneliness and boredom. Here are some ways owners can address this:

  • Try leaving your dog a ‘special toy’ that they only get when you’re not there. For example, a stuffed ‘Kong’ toy, a meat flavoured chew, or a treat ball or cube.
  • Make sure you take your dog for a walk before you are due to go out. Return half an hour before you plan to leave and then feed them a small meal.
  • It is also a good idea to close any curtains so your dog cannot see outside, and try leaving them in a quieter room with a radio on.
  • Ask trusted friends and family to walk your pet for you

    Constant barking may also be down to an underlying medical condition. If you don’t have pet insurance, and you are worried about costly veterinary bills, some charities offer support for those on low incomes:

    Blue Cross can offer veterinary care to pets when the owners cannot afford the fees.

    The RSPCA offers low cost veterinary care to those that qualify

    The PDSA Pet Care Scheme is just £4.50 a month and gives your pet access to:

    • One vet health consultation
    • One vaccination or booster every year, including a pet wellbeing MOT or health check.
    • 20% discount on full-price vet treatments
    • PDSA Helpline – 24/7 pet care advice from qualified vet nurses, whenever you need it
    • 15% discount on PDSA Petsurance
    • A quarterly newsletter packed with useful pet health advice.

    You can join if you live in the right catchment area and you claim/receive any of the following:

    • Housing benefit
    • Council tax support
    • Universal Credit with Housing Element

    Seek the help of a behaviourist

    The Institute of Modern Dog Trainer’s website provides details of qualified trainers in your area.

    Last updated on 29/05/2024