How to rent out your property

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This page provides information about how to rent out your property, including what you need to do to comply with regulations. You can rent your property through the Rent Guarantee Scheme (RGS), independently or via a letting agent.

Rent your property via the Rent Guarantee Scheme

The Rent Guarantee Scheme can offer bespoke advice on how to rent your home, including details of what you need to do to comply with regulations. Reading Borough Council can also discuss the opportunity to support you with renting your home through the Rent Guarantee Scheme. Some of the benefits of renting your property through the Rent Guarantee Scheme are:

  • guaranteed rent paid to you even when the property is void
  • tenants vetted and ready to move in
  • inventories
  • support and guidance throughout the term of the tenancy

More information on the Rent Guarantee Scheme and how to get in contact with the team is available on the Rent Guarantee Scheme page:

Rent your property independently or via a letting agent

If you decide you would like to rent your home without the support of the RGS, you may find these safety videos and the information below helpful.

Required safety standards

Our safety responsibilities page provides information about gas, fire and electrical safety.

Repairs and maintenance information

Our repairs and maintenance page provides information about some common issues in a property which often require landlord attention.

HMO requirements

If you plan to rent out a property to three or more people from two or more households who share amenities, you will require a HMO licence. More information about this is available on our HMO licence guidance page.

Deposit protection

Ypu are required to secure your tenants deposit with a government approved deposit protection scheme within 30 days of receiving it. More information on these schemes and what you must provide is available on our deposit protection schemes page.

Energy efficiency requirements

Your property must have a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) with a rating of E or higher. Information on how to get an EPC and how to check how long it is valid for us available on our EPC information page.

Last updated on 04/06/2024