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You can borrow eBooks, eAudio, eMagazines and comics for free with your library card and PIN. Register now for free.

To get started simply download the app from your app store, search for Reading Libraries and log in with your library card barcode and PIN.

  • Cloud Library – eBooks and eAudio
    Choose your latest read from a huge selection of eBooks and eAudio and download to your phone, tablet or computer.

    For help getting started watch our introduction to CloudLibrary.

  • Borrowbox – eAudio
    Listen to great books for children and adults wherever you are on your phone, tablet or computer.

    For help getting started watch our introduction to BorrowBox.

  • Libby – eMagazines
    Find your favourite magazines on Libby.
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Comics Plus

Comics Plus – Full Collection.  This contains the full range of titles available on Comics Plus.

Comics Plus  – Children’s Collection.  This contains comics suitable for under 14s.  Each comic is rated either Children, Kids or Teen.

Comics Plus has over 20,000 comics, graphic novels and manga. With Comics Plus library members have unlimited access to all the content with no holds, wait lists, or monthly limits.

Parents or guardians should supervise the use of Comics Plus when young readers are using the service. You can check the age rating of each title or use the filter function and select Children, Kids or Teen to only see age appropriate comics.

Below is an outline of the age filters and the content you can expect to find.

  • Ages 5-7 (Children) Simplified word balloon.
  • Ages 8-10 (Kids) Regular comic books and manga with simplified panel layouts, including comic strips.
  • Ages 11-14 (Teen) Story intensity, action, and violence should be equivalent to a typical PG-12 rated movie
  • Ages 15-18 (Young Adult) Similar to a more intense 15-18 movie. Some violence and blood, but no explicit, gratuitous, or excessive gore
  • Adult/Ages 18+ (Adult) Similar to 18 rated movies. Content explores mature themes with language and imagery appropriate for audiences 18 and over

For more detailed guidance see https://comicsplusapp.com/age-appropriate-guidelines/.

For a detailed guide to Manga see https://comicsplusapp.com/manga-101/

For help getting started watch our introduction to Comics Plus https://my.nicheacademy.com/reading/course/3375

Last updated on 26/01/2023