Library charges

Overdue charges – stock
PeriodCharge per itemMax charge per item
Adult Booksper day30p£10.00
Children’s Booksper day15p£3.00
Children’s CD – story/teenper day15p£4.00
CD – Singleper day50p£12.00
CD – Setper day50p£15.00
Toy Library – Small Itemsper day25p£10.00
Toy Library – Large, Musical Items & Equipmentper day50p£15.00
Loan chargesPeriodCharge per item
CD – Single3 weeks£1.00
CD – Set 2-63 weeks£1.00
CD – Set 7+3 weeks£1.00
DVDs – 1-21 week£2.00
DVDs – 3-61 week£4.00
DVDs – 7+1 week£4.00
Children’s DVDs1 week£2.00
Children’s CD Story/Teen3 weeksNo Charge
Audio Visual Subscription (unlimited)Per year£60.00
Reservation chargesCharge
Books in stock75p
Not in stock – non BL£3.00
Items from the British Library£10.00
Periodical Articles£10.00
Mobile ServicesNo Charges
Spoken WordNo LOAN charges for Registered blind or partially sighted customers.
Lost and damaged itemsCharges per item
Any damage resulting in withdrawal of an item. (Item offered to customer)Full replacement cost + £5 Admin Fee
Books in printFull cost of replacement + £5 Admin Fee
Vocal SetsFull cost of replacement + £5 Admin Fee
British Library ItemsBL charge + £5 Admin Fee
Out of Print Books£25.00 + £5 Admin Fee
CDs single or sets 1-2 – Replacement cost£10.00 + £5 Admin Fee
CD sets 3-6 – Replacement cost£20.00 + £5 Admin Fee
CD sets 7+ – Replacement cost£25.00 + £5 Admin Fee
DVDs – Replacement cost£20.00 + £5 Admin Fee
Charges made for the following damageNo Admin Fee Applicable
Babies’ board booksNo charge
Page damaged at the front, not affecting issue, e.g. scribbling or tears£1.00
Damage to plastic jacket – torn or exposed to heat to such an extent that it affects issue£1.00
Loss of inserts, e.g. booklet,map or libretti£2.50
Inlays – Cassette/CD/DVD/Video£5.00 each
Broken or lost cases – Cassette/CD/DVD/Video60p per case
Reader’s Tickets (replacement library card)£3.00
Withdrawn stock sales (guide prices)Charge per item
Adult Non-Fiction (hardback & paperback)£1.25
Adult Paperback Fiction75p
Children’s Non-fiction & Fiction50p
ReferenceAs priced
Spoken Word CD & Cassette£1.00
Performance sets servicePeriodCharges
RBC Residents:  
Drama Sets (Overdue charges per item – see section 1 Adult Books)   Booking fee for drama sets from other authorities12 weeks£6.00 per set     £3.00 per set
Vocal Sets held by Reading Library (Overdue charges: £6.00 per vocal set £1.00 per vocal set if set returned incomplete)1 month£6.00 per set (of up to 20 copies)
Non-RBC Residents:  
Drama Sets (Overdue charges per item – see section 1 Adult Books) Booking fee for drama sets from other authorities12 weeks£11.00 per set   £3.00 per set
Vocal Sets (Overdue charges: £6.00 per vocal set £1.00 per vocal set if set returned incomplete)1 month£11.00 per set (of up to 20 copies)
Book club servicePeriodCharge per item
RBC Residents:  
Subscription FeeAnnual£20.00
Book Club Set (overdue charges – see Section 1 Adult Books)8 weeksFree
Non-RBC Residents:  
Subscription FeeAnnual£30.00
Book Club Set (overdue charges – see Section 1 Adult Books)8 weeks£8.00 per set
Photocopying and printingCharge per page (including VAT)
Self-Service Photocopying A4 A4 double sided  15p 30p
Self-Service Printing A4 black & white A4 colour  15p 30p
Serviced Photocopying & Printing Subject to copyright.  
A4 black & white50p
A4 colour50p
A3 black & white  50p
Service charge on each transaction of up to 25 Copies (in addition to the charges per page)£6.50
Postage and packing will be added if requiredCost
Local studies chargesCharge (including standard VAT)
Printing from Microfilm 
Printing from Microform (Self Service) 
(Printing from fiche only is currently available on a self-service basis.) 
A4 print50p per sheet
A3 print£1.00 per sheet
Printing from Microform (Serviced)£1.00 per sheet + £5.00 per film handling charge
A4 copies
A3 copies£1.00 per sheet + £5.00 per film handling charge
Postage and packing will be added if requiredCost
Local Illustrations of copies of Images 
Electronic (by e-mail)£3.00 per image
High Resolution Re-Scanning£2.00 per image
Printed – glossy photographic paper£5.00 per image
Postage and packing will be added if requiredCost
Camera License£5.00 per day
Local studies information – about the kinds of material in the collection, whether material on particular people, places and topics is held, whether a particular item is held, and where to look for sources beyond the collection.  Free Service
Research service for local studies and genealogical enquiries received from customers by letter, telephone, fax and e-mail. Includes searching resources in the library.£10 minimum charge for first half hour. Further research time and fees by arrangement
Postage and packing will be added if requiredCost
Charges for the publication of illustrations
By negotiation with the Local Studies Specialist. The fee includes VAT at the standard rate.
Copyright Under the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act, 1988, the copyright on published illustrations subsists for the life of the artist or photographer plus 70 years. In the case of unpublished photographs, copyright subsists for the life of the photographer plus 50 years.
Permission can be given for the copying of an illustration only where the illustration is out of copyright, or Reading Borough Libraries owns the copyright, or where Reading Borough Libraries has a pre-existing agreement with the copyright owner that the illustration may be copied for the purposes of private research and study. Where Reading Borough Libraries is unable to give permission, it will not allow copying unless either (a) the customer wanting the copy has written permission from the copyright owner for Reading Borough Libraries to make copies, or have copies made, for supply to the customer, or (b) the customer wanting the copy can supply written proof that they have taken all reasonable steps to contact the copyright owner and that they have failed.
Publication A reproduction fee is payable where the copied illustration is to be published, broadcast, or displayed in an area to which the public has access. The fee is in addition to any fees for copying illustrations. It is not payable if the illustrations are for private use or enjoyment.
Acknowledgement Wherever possible, Reading Borough Libraries should be acknowledged as the source of the illustration.
Copies of Publications in Lieu of Payment If the illustrations to be copied are to be published in print, on film, on video, CD-ROM or DVD, if Reading Borough Libraries is interested in obtaining copies of the publication, it may waive the reproduction fee in exchange for a copy or copies of the publication.
Levels of Charging To firms and corporations using illustrations in books, magazines, calendars, advertising, television programmes, videos, CD-ROMS or DVDs, with the intention of making a profit or as part of their normal business activities, the charge is £50. To individuals and societies using illustrations for non-profit making purposes, the charge is £6.   These charges may be reduced or waived if Reading Public Libraries will derive good publicity, or if we wish to obtain the end product for the Library stock and are offered goods in lieu of payment.
Study carrelsCharge
Study Carrels 
10am to 1pm £2.00
1pm till closing time£2.00
Loan charge of very large item£1.00
Loan charge of large item£1.00
Loan charge of small items£1.00
Annual membership for LEA primary & nursery schools and fee paying private or independently run schools & nurseries Entitlement – a termly loan of 1 very large item and 9 smaller items. Overdue charges apply.£75.00
Central Library Gallery Area Hire to community groups only£35.00
Library Display Panels£5.00