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Brillder – A new interactive way to study and learn online for GCSE and A-Level students for free with your library card.  There are over 200 study bricks in more than a dozen subject areas to choose from to help you with your revision.

Driving theory test – practice your driving theory test online for free using your library card. You can access the full, latest bank of questions used in the test and can take as many tests as you like. Reading’s libraries stock the book of questions for extra practice.

For help getting started watch our video introduction to Theory Test Pro.

GoCitizen – study guide and practice tests to help you prepare for the Life in the UK citizenship test.

For help getting started watch our video introduction to Go Citizen.

Transparent Language – offers you the chance to take free language courses in over 80 foreign languages, including French, German, Urdu, Hindi, Polish, Arabic – and English.

For help getting started watch our introduction to Transparent Language.

Last updated on 07/06/2024