Artist's impression showing new section of Hexagon in daylight. Shows people using the space inside and outside the building.
Artist's impression of Hexagon Cafe. It shows a spacious area with a mezzanine level above. There are people tables in the background and people getting food.

This is what a revitalised Hexagon Theatre could look like.

A £13.7 million investment could see a brand-new studio auditorium with capacity of up to 300 people as well as a striking new entrance at street level to improve accessibility.

In addition to a welcoming public area and community space, the plans are to create a new versatile auditorium allowing for a variety of seating and standing options for a flexible performing and rehearsal facility.

The unique Hexagon auditorium will remain and the council is funding the upgrade of lighting, sound, and new electrics across the whole site.

Heating the entertainment centre will come from a sustainable heat source to fit with the council’s commitment to a net-zero carbon Reading by 2030.

A planning application is set to be submitted in early 2024 and, if given consent, work could begin as early as August 2024.

The Hexagon will remain open, and productions will continue to go ahead during the transformation. Take a look at What’s On.

The theatre development could also be at the centre of an ambitious and wider plan to create the ‘Minster Quarter’. Plans will include building hundreds of new homes in a significant area of the town centre, creating a vibrant thriving new community at the heart of the town. It will bring new jobs and growth which will benefit local residents and the economy.

Artist's impression of the rehearsal area planned for the extension of the Hexagon. It shows people standing round in the rehearsal room and people looking through windows at them.
Artist's impression of the versatile space planned for the extension to the Hexagon. It shows a conductor indicating a white board to the left of the picture, with people sat playing instruments at the right hand side.
Artist's impression of new section of Hexagon at night. Shows people approaching the building and some people inside.

Please email with any comments on the exciting new plans: boxoffice@reading.gov.uk.

Last updated on 12/12/2023