Death referrals

All doctors’ referrals to the coroner’s office must be submitted online.

Hospital deaths / Medical Examiner discussion

For deaths which occurred at a Berkshire Hospital Trust, or community deaths currently under the Medical Examiner scheme. Make a referral through the Berkshire Coroners office:

Community deaths

For community deaths not under the Medical Examiner scheme. Use the coroner referrals form:

If the online form is down for maintenance, please use the paper form as a short-term alternative. If you continue to use this form in lieu of the online options, your referral may be rejected.

Referral guidance

The rules for referrals and issuing MCCDs were changed in light of the Covid-19 outbreak. For advice and information please refer to your LMC guidelines, or read the government’s guidance.

Covid-19 is an accepted cause of death and does not need to be referred to the Coroner unless another referral criteria is met.

If you are unsure of whether a death needs to be referred, please see the Notification of Deaths Regulations (including coronavirus advice).

Last updated on 04/07/2023