Types of grave

Several types of grave are available in different sections of the Henley Road Cemetery. These are marked on plans available at the cemeteries office. The exclusive Right of Burial is purchased through the cemeteries office.

Traditional Grave

A traditional grave is a grave with a headstone and a kerb set that forms an edging within the grave area.

Lawn grave

This is a grave with a headstone, a small area for planting flowers immediately in front of the headstone and a grassed area level with the ground. A lawn grave may have either a headstone or a footstone.

Cremated remains wedge tablet grave

This type of grave is only for cremated remains. It has a memorial in the shape of a wedge tablet. It can contain up to two sunken flower vases. No other memorial items may be left on this type of grave.

Public baby graves section

Our dedicated baby public grave section features planting and seating providing a tranquil place for reflection. We are currently making improvements that include the placing of memorial sculptures, uniform surrounds and bark chipping topping on graves where families have expressed an interest. If you would like more information please contact the crematorium office.

Transferring ownership of grave

The registered owner of a grave owns the rights for 75 years. Ownership can be transferred if:

  • The registered owner decides to assign the grave to someone else.
  • An application is made for a burial in the grave but the registered owner is already dead.
  • An application to place a memorial/additional inscription the grave is made but the registered owner is dead.