Collecting and scattering of ashes

After the cremation

After the committal, the coffin is gently removed to the crematory area where the cremation takes place. The ashes are generally ready for collection 72 hours after the service. When you collect the ashes from the crematorium you will receive them in a secure receptacle, unless, you have made arrangements with your funeral director for a wooden casket etc.

Adult biodegradable eco box for ashes
Adult biodegradable eco box

Baby Scatter Tube for ashes, with a teddy bear
Baby Scatter Tube

Scattering of ashes

Scattering of the ashes can take place any time after the cremation. If you chose for your loved one to be laid to rest in our Gardens of Remembrance following the cremation this will take place after 14 days. We also accept ashes from other crematoria so that you may re-unite your loved ones. To book a scattering, please contact us.

Taking ashes overseas

You may wish to take the ashes overseas, for example, to a place of birth or favourite holiday destination. To facilitate this you will need the relevant paperwork. Please contact us for more information.

Interment of ashes

You may have the ashes buried. We place the ashes into a bio-degradable container supplied by us. You may purchase a wooden casket or other container from your funeral director which we can then place in the grave.

Cremation fees

Memorial service

If you wish to hold a memorial service in the chapel before laying the ashes to rest, please contact us to book a service and complete the necessary paperwork.

Contact us for more information on any service.

Last updated on 19/06/2023