Celebrate 75 years of Reading and Düsseldorf friendship

Take part in the #b4friendship photo competition to celebrate 75 years of Reading and Düsseldorf friendship

We are inviting local budding photographers to take part in a competition to imaginatively capture Reading’s 4Bs, to help celebrate the 75th anniversary of friendship between Düsseldorf and Reading, with a chance to win a weekend away in Düsseldorf.

2022 marks 75 years of friendship between Düsseldorf and Reading, which were officially twinned together in 1977. The special bond and friendship between the towns stretches back to just after WW2, when the then-mayor, Phoebe Cusden, saw the devastation in Germany and invited young people to stay in Reading. This represents the longest friendship between two towns/cities in Europe.

This competition is open to amateurs and professionals alike, under the theme of the 4Bs - "Beer, Biscuits, Bulbs & Bricks" for which Reading is historically famous. We are looking for people, young and old, to imaginatively capture the 4Bs around Reading. Entries can be in the form of one photo or a montage of several images.

You can email your entries to events@reading.gov.uk or tag them on the Council’s social media @ReadingCouncil – Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, including the hashtag #b4friendship

The deadline for entries is Friday 24 June 2022.

Two special reciprocal visits are planned for June 2022, with representatives from Reading visiting Düsseldorf over the weekend of 10-12 June to take part in celebrations in the German town. On 25 and 26 June, visitors from Düsseldorf will come to Reading to take part in celebrations here.

Entrants from Düsseldorf will also take part in the competition, to win a visit to Reading.

For more information on the celebrations visit www.reading.gov.uk/b4friendship

Last updated on 21/04/2022