Could you or someone you know benefit from care technology?

The council is shining a light on how care technology can help older people or people with disabilities stay safe and independent in their own homes, improve their quality of life, stay connected to care professionals and provide reassurance to family and friends.

An elderly woman sitting in a decorative armchair as she smiles at an amazon Alexa.

November is Adult Social Care month in Reading. A month-long campaign will feature resident’s telling their personal stories of how care technology has helped them. The campaign will signpost residents and encourage them and their families to reach out for the support they need.

The Council’s Adult Social Care Team can advise on technology that can complement support from carers, families and friends.

Technology and home modification featured during the month-long campaign include:

  • A wearable watch like device, that connects to a call centre raising the alarm if the resident has a fall, and door sensors to help the resident feel safe in their own home.
  • Adjustments made to a resident’s home after his leg’s had to be amputated, including a path and ramp to help him access the garden
  • A digital assistant: Alexa set up to assist a resident with day-to-day life and remind her to take her insulin
  • An electric standing frame ‘Struzzo’ enabling the resident to maintain an upright position and move around independently and an app on a mobile phone that can turn lights on.

The month-long campaign will also raise awareness of national Adult Social Care awareness weeks; 7-14 November is Occupational Therapy Week and 21-28 November is Safeguarding Adults Awareness Week.

An elderly man who is using a wheelchair is focused on his worktable. Clamps are being used to hold a large piece of wood in place which he is working.

It can be daunting to ask for and accept help, we encourage residents and their families to find out how care technology could help them remain in their own homes, be independent and importantly feel and stay safe.

Care technology really does help to support independence and brings with it benefits not only to the person accessing the technology but also to family, carers and friends.

Residents can get Technology Enabled Care (TEC) advice and help from the council. Call 0118 937 3787, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm or visit our website to learn more.

Last updated on 27/10/2022