Digital parking permit scheme gets the green light

Our digital parking permit pilot in Lower Caversham has been given approval to start next month (October 2022).

The digital permit initiative aims to create a simpler, more flexible and more responsive service for local residents.

Key benefits include:

  • Digital parking permits can be issued instantly
  • Visitor permits can be used by the hour, offering better value for money for residents

During the trial, support will be provided to anyone who is struggling to apply online.

Enforcement officers' patrols will be maintained in the trial area to reassure local residents that digital passes are being regularly checked.

We will gather further feedback during the pilot phase, which will then be considered by the Council’s Traffic Management Sub Committee in 2023, ahead of any decision to roll out the scheme borough-wide.

We will contact all residents in the Caversham pilot area (Zone 02) with information on the date the trial starts, how to swap your visitor scratch cards for digital visitor permits, and how to give feedback throughout the trial.

Further information on the digital parking scheme.

Last updated on 30/09/2022