Just One Thing, kickstart a positive 2024 in Reading

Reading Council today launched its New Year Just One Thing, campaign encouraging residents to embrace new experiences, uncover and remember the town’s hidden gems, enhance wellbeing and make a positive contribution. Shifting the focus from traditional New Year's resolutions to forming lasting habits that positively impact residents and the community.

Just One Thing 24 tips for 2024, encourages residents to try simple and achievable ideas, spanning health and wellbeing to exploring the borough's cultural and recreational offerings.

Tips include;

  • visit Reading Museum to see the Picasso
  • take a seat on the Ricky Gervais After Life Netflix bench at Henley Road Cemetery
  • stroll and reminisce past where the Huntley and Palmers factory used to be and where Bugsy Malone was filmed in 1975, take in the town’s Banksy at the same time
  • donate plasma, Reading has one of only three plasma donation centres in the UK
  • keep an eye out for historical post boxes around the borough, there’s one from Edward VII’s reign by the Forbury Gardens
  • learn how to say hello in the three most popular languages spoken after English; Polish, Nepalese and Romanian
  • make a commitment to spend time with a child in foster care just once a month.  

Just One Thing also promotes the town’s new and improved leisure facilities, encouraging physical activity, and provides information on food waste, and tips for checking what can be recycled.

It’s not about giving up this New Year it’s about trying Just One Thing.

Start 2024 differently this year:

  1. Monday 8 January

Just One Thing.

Have you watched Reading born Ricky Gervais’ After Life? There’s a bench in the Henley Road Cemetery donated by Netflix, the bench is by the Gardens of Remembrance and is there for anyone to sit and have a conversation about grief. Next time you’re at the cemetery why not seek the bench out, take a seat and reflect on the wonderful memories of someone you miss and who is sadly no longer with us.

  1. Tuesday 9 January.

Just One Thing.

When you’re next in town why not visit Reading Museum, it’s free and there’s a Picasso! https://www.readingmuseum.org.uk/

  1. Wednesday 10 January.

Just One Thing.

Have a wander along the Oxford Road, or the market stalls by the Broad Street Mall and West Street and browse the beautiful fruit and vegetable displays– why not buy something you haven’t tried before and try something new?

  1. Thursday 11 January.

Just One Thing.

Do you know someone with young children or who is pregnant and could benefit from Healthy Start Vouchers?  Vitamins and healthy food and milk vouchers are available for eligible people on benefits. Do your neighbours, friends and family know about them? Why not tell one person who you think could be eligible https://www.healthystart.nhs.uk/

  1. Friday 12 January.

Just One Thing.

Have you seen the activities at Prospect Park Ranger Station? There’s archery for adults and children, coconut trees to climb, Reading landmarks mini golf. Take a look and see if there’s an activity for you and your family this weekend https://www.reading.gov.uk/leisure/active-reading/ranger-station-at-prospect-park/

  1. Saturday 13 January.  

Just One Thing.

Jump on a bus and go to a part of Reading you’ve never visited or don’t know very well. There are wonderful hidden gems from Arthur Newbery Park in Tilehurst, Balmore Park in Caversham and a great playground for all abilities and ages in Coley and lots more https://www.reading.gov.uk/leisure/outdoors/parks-outdoor-facilities-open-spaces/

  1. Sunday 14 January.

Just One Thing.

Why not help make your neighbourhood an even better place to live and pick up a piece of litter when you’re out… 'be the change you wish to see in the world' is a great quote by Gandhi.

  1. Monday 15 January.

Just One Thing.

This Blue Monday try and give a smile to anyone you meet.

Smiling not only helps your mood, it can also help others feel happier.

  1. Tuesday 16 January.

Just One Thing.

Have you noticed the post boxes around where you live? Our town is steeped in history and by the 900 year old Abbey Ruins there’s a post box from Edward VII’s reign - remind yourself how historical Reading is and visit Forbury Gardens and the Ruins and keep an eye out for post boxes!

  1. Wednesday 17 January.

Just One Thing.

Have you ever been to a Reading FC game? Most weekends there is Reading FC game – why not go along and support your local football club. https://www.readingfc.co.uk/tickets

11.  Thursday 18 January

Just One Thing.

Did you know Reading has one of only three plasma donation centres in the UK, it’s on the Kings Road. If you pick this as your Just One Thing you could literally save lives! https://www.blood.co.uk/

  1. Friday 19 January.  

Just One Thing.

Fancy a 5K walk, run or jog. The weekly Park Run at Prospect Park is a supportive place to start your weekend off with a bit of fresh air, why not pop along one Saturday and watch and see if you’d like to join in?  https://www.parkrun.org.uk/prospect

  1. Saturday 20 January.

Just One Thing.

Say hello to your street cleaning team especially if it’s a weekend and they’re emptying the litter bins in your neighbourhood.

  1. Sunday 21 January.  

Just One Thing.

Find courses for digital skills, dress making, maths, business management, cookery and so much more. Take a look at New Directions and see if there’s a course for you in 2024 www.newdirectionsreading.ac.uk/

  1. Monday 22 January.

Just One Thing.

There is always something fun going on in Reading and lots that is low cost or free; from the town’s Childrens Festival and Water Fest event to the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra who perform at the Hexagon several times a year.

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  1. Tuesday 23 January.

Just One Thing.

Why not pop along to your local leisure centre to see if there’s an activity for you? There’s the new brand new Rivermead and Palmer and also Meadway and South Reading https://www.reading.gov.uk/leisure/active-reading/sport/swimming-sport-leisure-centres/

  1. Wednesday 24 January.

Just One Thing.

Reading has incredible charities. Find a charity close to you, and find out what they do, no pressure to get involved but simply find out about the great work that is going on near you https://rva.org.uk/

18.  Thursday 25 January. 

Just One Thing.

You could do your own walking tour of some of the famous sites in Reading including Banksy’s Great Escape artwork from 2021, the Royal Berkshire Hospital where HRH The Princess of Wales was born in 1982 and Huntley and Palmers where the bar scenes of Bugsy Malone were filmed in 1975.

  1. Friday 26 January.

Just One Thing.

Put aside just 10 mins to check what can and can’t be recycled, do your bit for climate change. Did you know 6 tea bags popped in your food waste bin generates enough electricity to boil the kettle for another cuppa! https://re3.fccenvironment.co.uk/

  1. Saturday 27 January.

Just One Thing.

Could you set up an Alexa or Google Assistant for someone who finds technology difficult but could really benefit? Maybe think about someone in your life who would love to listen to an audio book, set recurring reminders to take medication, or show them how to play their favourite song or tell them the days news headlines.

  1. Sunday 28 January.

Just One Thing.

If you don’t vote other people are making decisions for you. Register to vote and have your voice heard. It only takes 5 minutes https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

  1. Monday 29 January.

Just One Thing.

When was the last time you popped into your local library? There’s best-sellers in hard copy and also audio – you could listen to a book you’ve wanted to read but don’t have time https://www.reading.gov.uk/leisure/libraries/

23.  Tuesday 30 January. 

Just One Thing.

How well do you know your neighbours? Reading is a wonderfully multi-cultural town, you often hear many different languages spoken out and about. How about learning hello in the top three languages spoken across the borough after English.

The 2021 census information tells us Polish is the most popular language after English hello is Cześć!, Nepalese is the second hello is Namaskāra and Romanian is the third most popular language hello is Salut.

  1. Wednesday 31 January.

Just One Thing.

Could you be a friend to a young person in foster care in Reading? Take them out just once a month for a few hours. Expenses are paid and you’ll make a huge different to a local young person’s life.

Find out more  https://info.reconstruct.co.uk/readingportal

Last updated on 08/01/2024