Securing more tree planting and biodiversity in Reading

Today we've published two very important elements of Reading’s response to the climate emergency. The final versions of the new Tree Strategy and Biodiversity Action Plan are now available online. Both documents will help to deliver some of the actions from Reading’s new Climate Emergency Strategy.

Our new Tree Strategy aims for 3,000 new trees on Council land by 2030, as well as increasing the proportion of land in Reading which is covered by tree canopy to 25% over the same timescale.

The new Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) provides a high-level set of objectives and actions for how biodiversity, meaning the variety of plant and animal life, will be reflected in the full range of what the Council does. Biodiversity is reducing across the world, and, to tackle this, it is vital that impacts on biodiversity are a key part of how we make decisions.

Last updated on 03/03/2021