Advice if you are thinking of buying a puppy

Always research different breeds of dogs to make sure the breed suits your life style.

Getting a rescue dog is a great way to find your perfect family pet. But if you have decided that a puppy is your preferred option then please be careful and ask the breeder lots of questions, it may be a good idea to do this on the phone before you see the puppies.

Questions to ask:

  • What age will the puppy be leaving for its new home? (Puppies should not leave their mum and littermates before eight weeks of age).
  • Will you be able to see the mum? When you meet your pup for the first time, ask to see their mum. It’s important that you can see your puppy interacting with their mother and other litter mates (if any). This is a good sign that they’ve been bred properly. Ask for a full health history of both parents.
  • Will you be able to see dad? (This may not always be possible)
  • Can you have the registration details of dad?
  • What are the mother’s and father’s temperaments like?
  • Have the parents been checked for inherited health conditions?
  • How old is the mother and how many litters has she had?
  • Did they breed the puppies?
  • How many puppies in the litter?
  • Can you see all the puppies?
  • Have the puppies had any health problems?
  • Have the puppies been well socialised? For example, house hold noise and children
  • Will there be a contract of sale?
  • Will you be given any written advice when taking the puppy home?
  • What food would the breeder recommend?
  • Would they take the puppy back if needed?
  • Will the puppy be microchipped?
  • Will the puppies have started being house trained by the time they go to new homes?

This is not an exhausted list of questions so please research before commenting to buying a puppy and look at the DEFRA petfished campaign 

Please if you have any doubts or concerns then contact the Animal Warden Service by email: or call 01189 372251

Or call the RSPCA on: 0300 1234 999

Last updated on 13/07/2022