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Service disruption

We are changing to a new database and document management system for the planning and building control service from 12 to 23 July. This may lead to delays to our normal processes.

Application Types

There are three different application types:

  • Full plans – The plans, specifications and other supporting documents are provided for ‘approval’, where a Registered Building Inspector reviews them for compliance, identifying any areas of non-compliance. As compliance is checked prior to works commencing the risk of issues on site is reduced.
  • Building notice – Is for smaller, less complex works such as small (<10m2) extensions, internal alternations, or window replacements. The works are assessed on site however information, such as structural calculations may still be required. Building Notices cannot be used for certain works such as works over sewers and commercial works. 
  • Regularisation – Where works have started or been completed without the required approvals this application type should be used. As much information should be provided as possible, any additional information required will be quoted for.

Application Forms

Applications should be made using the following application forms until further notice. These can either printed and posted to the address on the form or completed digitally and emailed to

Full plans Application Form

Building notice Application Form

RBC Regularisation Application Form

Certain works require additional information with the application form in order to be validated when payment is received. It is important all sections of the form are completed where applicable. If you are unsure if a section is relevant, please contact us.


The building regulation charge for the majority of domestic extensions and alterations are standard charges, examples of these can be found below. If you are undertaking multiple works then the price will be adjusted depending on whether all the works are being completed at the same time.

WorksBuilding NoticeFull Plans – Plan CheckFull Plans – Inspection
Small Extension (Under 10m2)£600£240£360
Medium Extension (Up to 40m2)£720£288£432
Large Extension (Up to 60m2)£840£336£504
Loft Conversion (Up to 50m2)£780£312£468
Garage conversion (Single Garage)£480£192£288
Structural Alterations (Beams, Chimney Removal)£180£72£108
Prices effective from April 2024. All prices include VAT.

Some building work will need to be individually calculated, for example where multiple works are being completed. To request a quotation, send the completed application forms for the works to and we will confirm the fees for the works.


Once you have submitted the application and received a fee for the works, payment will need to be made in order to validate the application.

We are currently only able to accept payments over the phone. To make a payment please call 0118 937 2449. The lines are open Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm (excluding bank holidays). We apologise for any inconvenience.

Other forms

LABC Regularisation 18(3) Relevant Requirement Information

LABC Notification of Change of Duty holder (1)

RBC Building Control Notice of Completion

Last updated on 23/07/2024