Conservation areas & listed buildings

Conservation areas are defined as of ‘special architecture or historical interest, the character of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance’.

You can see Reading’s conservation areas using My Reading.

An updated St Peters Conservation Area Appraisal including a boundary extension was adopted in November 2018. This is the first appraisal to be formally reviewed under a new community-led arrangement (in this case, the Conservation Area Advisory Committee and members of the Caversham and District Residents’ Association).

Conservation area maps

Alexandra Road


Downshire Square

Eldon Square



Market Place


Routh Lane

Castle Hill/Russell Street/Oxford Road

South Park

St Mary’s Butts/Castle Street

St Peter’s

Surley Row

The Mount

If you live in a conservation area, you will probably have to get planning permission for the demolition of unlisted buildings in conservation areas and for many changes to buildings and structures (e.g. walls). Further information can be found on the Planning Portal.

You need to give six weeks written notice (Section 211 Notice) to carry out work on trees in a conservation area.

We seek advice from Berkshire Archaeology if we think any development works may damage sites or monuments that are of archaeological interest.

Further information, including details of the Reading Conservation Area Advisory Committee, can be found on the Reading Civic Society website  and Historic England website.

Listed buildings

If you are planning to alter, extend or demolish a listed building, in part or whole, you will need to apply for a listed building consent on the Planning Portal website as well as planning permission for new buildings affecting the setting of a listed building.

Locally listed buildings

We also have a list of locally important buildings which are subject to more detailed planning control.

Last updated on 25/04/2022