Land Charges Register

Land Charges searches are carried out when buying land or property, usually by a solicitor or licensed conveyancer.

We require the following completed documents to process your search:

  • up-to-date plan for search
  • completed LLC1, CON29 and CON290 forms (the law society holds the copyright to the form, which can be obtained from authorised suppliers)


Search typeFees
Requisition LLC1 only£34.70
Standard enquiries CON29 only£90.30 + vat = £108.36
LLC1 & CON29£143.06
CON290 Q4 – 21£14.40 each
CON29O Q22£16.80
  • Additional parcel of land – £23 (LLC1 £5, CON29 £18) – no restriction on number and a maximum charge equivalent to 20 extra parcels
  • Personal searches – see below
  • One question from CON29O only search – Administration fee of £15.00 will be added when requesting this search

You must pay for searches at the time of ordering – we cannot carry out a search until the appropriate fee has been paid.


Complete your forms and submit your payment online.

We will give you your search results within an average of 7 to 10 working days of receiving your request and fee.

CON29R fees

Copy documents

You can request the following documents from Land Charges via email –

  • Section 106 Agreement/further agreement/deed of variation/unilateral undertaking
  • Section 52 Agreement
  • Section 38 Agreement / S278 Agreement
  • Compulsory Purchase Order
  • Tree Preservation Order
  • Enforcement Notices
  • Any other documents required please contact

There is a standard charge of £26.30 per document which can be paid online.

There are sometimes additional costs, we will advise the customer of these before proceeding.

Personal search

From week commencing 4th April 2022, payments for personal searches must be made online.

To request personal search information, please email with the full postal address and site plan. Requests must be received by 12 noon on the Tuesday.

Our team will email you on the Wednesday to advise you of the fee payable and provide a link to make payment. Upon receipt of payment we will then email you a copy of the register(s).

We do not charge for properties with no registrations.

Fees for personal searches

Copy method Fee – per document
Hand-copying of register Free
Copy of register £2
Emailed copy of register £4
Emailed copy of planning register £4

Highway searches

You can request a highway search for a specific property or piece of land. This search includes information on whether the property or piece of land is public highway, maintainable by the highway authority or whether privately maintained.

Highway searches requested by private individuals, solicitors or personal search agencies are free and you will receive a written response.

The cost of personal searches, requested by private individuals, solicitors or personal search agencies to include a written response plus a highway extent plan is £68.

To request and pay for a highway search please complete the online form. We will endeavour to respond to paid search requests within 10 working days and free search requests within 20 working days.

Last updated on 13/06/2024