Planning application process


Following your application, we will make sure that all details have been submitted. We will contact you if there are any problems.


Anyone that will be affected by your application must be notified and given the chance to comment. This may include your neighbours, members of the public and internal and external consultees. The consultation period lasts 21 days.


We will contact you if we need further information. If a site inspection is needed, we will contact you to arrange this.

The results of the consultation will be reviewed.


A planning officer will recommend your application for approval or denial. This report will then be reviewed by senior offices, or referred to the planning applications committee.


There are different time limits for each type of planning application:

  • Minor applications (including household) – 8 weeks
  • Major developments – 13 weeks
  • Applications involving environmental impact assessments – 16 weeks
  • Non-material amendment – 28 days
  • Applications to approve details reserved by condition – 8 weeks
  • Certificates of lawfulness for proposed or existing development – 8 weeks 

Your planning officer will contact you if anything changes.

Viability charges

The applicant must cover the council’s costs in assessing viability assessments. This includes the cost of any external advice required. The applicant should submit their assessment with the planning application or pre-application enquiry. They also need to send a copy to the council’s valuer at requesting a fee quote. The fees must be agreed with the valuer before assessment can proceed.

You should make all payments as instructed by the council’s valuer.

Last updated on 16/04/2024